Moreton Alarm Supplies Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 65 TORNADO PRO IP65 LED NON-CORROSIVE Code Watts Lumens Lm/W A B C D ATORPLED4 20W 2331lm 117lm 1265 860 70 85 ATORPLED5 29W 3209lm 111lm 1565 960 70 85 ATORPLED6 35W 3702lm 106lm 1865 1200 70 85 ATORPLED2X4 41W 4457lm 109lm 1265 860 70 115 ATORPLED2X5 61W 6314lm 104lm 1565 960 70 115 ATORPLED2X6 78W 8204lm 105lm 1865 1200 70 115 Options /M3 Self-Test Emergency /OCTO OCTO Smart Control /DD Digital Dimming (DD1/DD2/DD3/DD4) /MWS Integral Microwave Sensor /DM3 DALI Emergency /CF Corridor Functionality THE ULTIMATE ELEMENT PROTECTION NON-CORROSIVE BATTENS • Ultra slim IP65 LED robust non-corrosive batten ideal for industrial applications and ancillary areas • High efficiency up to 161 Lm/W • Unique base design caters for multiple installation methods • Installer friendly embedded features aid accurate and fast installation for any application • Quick release LED array / gear tray assembly provides the installer the means to faster installation / maintenance • Fast latching / permanently located stainless steel side clips ensure a quick and secure connection • Self-test emergency as standard with Li-ion battery technology, reducing charge time and running costs • High output 5ft options available • Powered by Tridonic 7YR Stainless Steel Clips as Standard Option Available Powered by WWW.ANSELLUK.COM