Moreton Alarm Supplies Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 64 OXFORD • Surface linear suitable for educational and commercial applications • Modern fully enclosed surface luminaire with curved low profile appearance • This is a widely used style of fitting within the educational sector • CCT selectable between 3000K, 4000K and 5000K and power selectable; offering a choice of 2 outputs, in one luminaire • Steel body with polycarbonate diffuser and plastic end caps • Dimmable options • Powered by Philips VOLO • Architectural LED recessed modular suitable for education, commercial and healthcare applications • Highperformance indirect recessed luminaire • Can be surface and suspended, suspension kit supplied separately • Dual direct/indirect output. Direct from the centre micro-prism central diffuser coupled with indirect output from the side diffuser sections. Providing a perfect combination for task and ambient lighting from one source • Selectable CCT between 3000K and 4000K • OCTO tunable white option (3000K–6500K) • Integral PIR option discreetly positioned in the & cap • High performance optics provide high efficiency while still offering optimum glare control and comfort for task/office applications • TP(a) as standard Code Description AVOLO LED recessed modular CCT Selectable Options /M3 Emergency /DM3 DALI Emergency /DD Digital Dimming /SM3 Self-test Emergency /PIR PIR /OCTO OCTO smart control LOTA LED CCT TROFFER • High performance indirect recessed luminaire • UGR<19 compliant luminaire ideal for most interior lighting applications • Selectable CCT between 3000K, 4000K and 6000K output • Exceeds performance of 2 x 40W PL-L • Powder coated steel construction • LED lifespan L70 30,000 hours • TP(a) as Standard Code Description ALOTLED 29W - Cool Warm/Daylight Options /M3 Emergency /SM3 Self-Test Emergency /DM3 DALI Emergency /OCTO OCTO Smart Control /DD Digital Dimming (DD1/DD2/DD3/DD4) SIIPA • High performance indirect recessed luminaire ideal for office or commercial applications • One piece curved diffuser provides a unique aesthetic • Selectable CCT between 3000K, 4000K & 6500K • TP(a) as Standard Code Description ASPASL Siipa Solo ASPADL Siipa Dual Options /M3 Emergency /SM3 Self-test Emergency /DM3 DALI Emergency /OCTO OCTO smart control /DD Digital Dimming Siipa Solo Siipa Dual CEILING LIGHTING ENDURANCE • High performance maintenance free LED recessed panel • TPa as standard • UGR<19 compliant luminaire assisting to eliminate glare for visual comfort • Panel outperforms 3 x 14W T5 • White anodised aluminium frame for visual compatibility with ceiling grid • Low glare and even light distribution for multiple applications • Surface mounting frame option • Powered by Philips • LED lifespan L90 52,000 hours Options /OCTO OCTO Smart Control /DD Digital Dimming (DD1/DD3) Code Description AERMLED3/60/CW 29W Cool White AERMLED3/60/WW 29WWarmWhite AERMLED3/60/DL 29W Daylight AERMLED3/HO/60/CW High Output 29W CW AERMLED3/HO/60/WW High Output 29WWW AERMLED3/HO/60/DL High Output 29W Daylight AIRMLED/POD/3NM/ST 5W Panel Pod Self-Test Emergency AIRMLED/POD/MWS 1W Panel Pod Microwave Sensor • High performance LED batten suitable for industrial applications and ancillary areas • High efficiency up to 145 lm/W • Excellent light uniformity through high transmittance polycarbonate diffuser • Instant light output with unlimited switching • Push fit terminals for ease and speed of installation • Multiple conduit entry & BESA fixing points • Non-dimmable Code CCT Description Length ANOU4/1 20W Cool White 1200mm ANOU5/1 28W Cool White 1500mm ANOU6/1 38W Cool White 1800mm ANOU2X4/1 37W Cool White 2 x 1200mm ANOU2X5/1 50W Cool White 2 x 1500mm ANOU2X6/1 50W Cool White 2 x 1800mm OPTIONS /SM3 Self-Test emergency NOULINE Code Description Length AOXL4/1 21/32W CCT Selectable 1190mm AOXL5/1 22/38W CCT Selectable 1470mm AOXL6/1 32/49W CCT Selectable 1800mm Options /M3 Emergency /SM3 Self-Test Emergency /DM3 DALI Emergency /OCTO OCTO Smart Control /DD Digital Dimming (DD1/DD3/DD4) /MWS Integral Microwave Sensor /CF Corridor Function