Tezelec Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 168 Description Fuses Inc. Code 20A SP&N 20A 190201NF 20A TP&N 20A 190203NF 32A SP&N 32A 190321NF 32A TP&N 32A 190323NF Cable Spreader Box 19032CSB Description Fuses Inc. Code 63A SP&N 63A 190631NF 63A TP&N 63A 190633NF 100A SP&N 100A 191001NF 100A TP&N 100A 191003NF Cable Spreader Box 19100CSB Description Fuses Inc. Code 125A SP&N 125A 191251NF 125A TP&N 125A 191253NF 160A SP&N None 191601N 160A TP&N None 191603N 200A SP&N None 192001N 200A TP&N None 192003N Cable Spreader Box 19200CSB Description Fuses Inc. Code 630A TP&N None 196303N 800A TP&N None 198003N Cable Spreader Box 19800CSB For rating of 63A and above spreading room is allowed for at one end only. To fit a 4 core cable at both ends an additional Cable Spreader Box will be required. Description Fuses Inc. Code 315A TP&N None 193153N 400A TP&N None 194003N Cable Spreader Box 19400CSB 20A - 32A 63A - 100A 125A - 200A 315A - 400A 630A - 800A FUSESTAR COMBINATION UNITS www.electrium.co.uk