Tezelec Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 131 The Stratus range of backlit LED panels offers superior light distribution and proven reliability. White painted steel body, backlit LED module with high efficiency optical design and opal diffuser suitable for use in 15mm or 24mm standard exposed grid ceilings. The Stratus Pro comes complete with our new innovative fast-fix loop-in loop-out integrated driver saving valuable time on installation. Range of accessories available. • Wide PCB of light sources (SMD) with super heat radiation, low decay of light and long lifespan. • High brightness and efficiency with even light distribution, no bright spots, no dark areas. • No discolouring of the diffuser over time (yellowish diffuser problem of conventional edge-lit LED panels). • PMMA optic lenses with high light transmission rate, and larger beam angle. • Emergency LED conversion kits available (92514 & 91944) • Fast fix connector not included with 92276 & 92277 STRATUS BACKLIT LED PANELS 92273 92274 92542 92276 Code Description Finish Height x Ø 78541 18W SirioDISC Adjustable Matt white 15mm x 230mm SIRIODISC ADJUSTABLE The SirioDISC adjustable is an ideal choice for all office and corridor lighting. The ultra slim profile can be placed into the slimmest of voids and the adjustable back means it can fit in any size hole in the ceiling and it can be easily surface mounted as well. The edge lit technology and high power SMD LEDs offer an even, superior light output, with no dark spots and reduced glare. • Matt white textured polycarbonate & opal plastic • Constructed from polycarbonate & polystyrene • Complete with integrated control gear • 18W LED module (SMD 4014) Cool White (Included) • K: 4000 lm: 1450 lm/W: 81 • Class 2 • Cut hole Dia: 65-205mm Code Description Watt Colour temp. Lumen lm/W Dimensions W x L x H 92273 Stratus 40W 4000K 3700lm 93 595 x 595 x 30mm 92274 Stratus 40W 6000K 3700lm 93 595 x 595 x 30mm 92542 Stratus 40W 4000K 3700lm 93 295 x 1195 x 30mm 92276 Stratus 50W 4000K 6000lm 120 595 x 1195 x 30mm 92277 Stratus 50W 6000K 6000lm 120 595 x 1195 x 30mm www.saxbylighting.com 92277