Reform Electrical Distributors Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 183 Easy9 Compact Description • Current Rating: 100A • Metallic Compact Consumer Unit • IP3X Safety • White Colour RAL9003 • Multiple cable entry knockouts • Rigid, raised and Offset DIN rail design • Earth and neutral blocks fitted as standard • Insulated comb busbar & neutral cable included • Earthing continuity for all metallic parts • Compliance to BSEN 61439-3 EASY9 EMPTY COMPACT CONSUMER UNITS Reference No Description Usable ways Height Width Total Depth Depth without Lid EZ9E10MCCU Standard 10 way metal consumer unit 10 243mm 312mm 111.5mm 89mm EZ9E12MCCU Standard 12 way metal consumer unit 12 243mm 347mm 111.5mm 89mm EZ9E16MCCU Standard 16 way metal consumer unit 16 243mm 407mm 111.5mm 89mm Reference No Description EZ9E212MCCU 2 Row Easy9 Multirow Board, 12 modules each EZ9E312MCCU 3 Row Easy9 Multirow Board, 12 modules each EZ9TB1001 Easy9 Terminal Block 100A EZ9CCUCABLEKITMR Inter row Cable kit for Multirow SEPNB112 AFDD Phase Neutral Comb busbar 5 Modules, 100A EZ9EBP Din rail mounted blank pole SEDNBP3 Blank plate module 3 pole EZ9CCUCABLEKIT1 Easy9 cable kit for split load configuration EZ9ESP Label pack EASY9 MULTIROW BOARDS & ACCESSORIES