Reform Electrical Distributors Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 154 FIXED GRILLE FLY SCREEN BLGRAVGRILL100BLK 100mm Gravity Grille Black BLGRAVGRILL100BRN 100mm Gravity Grille Brown BLGRAVGRILL100GRY 100mm Gravity Grille Grey BLGRAVGRILL100TER 100mm Gravity Grille Terracotta BLGRAVGRILL100WHI 100mm Gravity Grille White BLGRAVGRILL100COT 100mm Gravity Grille Cotswold Stone BLGRAVGRILL125BLK 125mm Gravity Grille Black BLGRAVGRILL125BRN 125mm Gravity Grille Brown BLGRAVGRILL125TER 125mm Gravity Grille Terracotta BLGRAVGRILL125WHI 125mm Gravity Grille White BLGRAVGRILL150BLK 150mm Gravity Grille Black BLGRAVGRILL150BRN 150mm Gravity Grille Brown BLGRAVGRILL150GRY 150mm Gravity Grille Grey BLGRAVGRILL150TER 150mm Gravity Grille Terracotta BLGRAVGRILL150WHI 150mm Gravity Grille White VENTILATION GRILLE with Gravity Operated Back Draught Shutter SPECIAL SELECTION VENTILATION ACCESSORIES BLDPR100CHR 100mm Chrome BLDPR100W 100mmWhite BLDPR150CHR 150mm Chrome BLDPR150W 150mmWhite ROUND INTERNAL GRILLE AWCLIPD100 110mm Round Duct Jubilee Clip AWCLIPD150 152mm Round Duct Jubilee Clip AWINSD102/10 102mm Insulated Duct - 10m AWINSD152/10 152mm Insulated Duct - 10m INSULATED FLEXIBLE DUCTING COWLED HOODED WALL VENT with Removable Single Blade Back Draught Shutter BLFIXGRILL100BLK 100mm Black BLFIXGRILL100BRN 100mm Brown BLFIXGRILL100GRY 100mm Grey BLFIXGRILL100TER 100mm Terracotta BLFIXGRILL100WHI 100mm White BLFIXGRILL100COT 100mm Cotswold Stone BLFIXGRILL125BRN 125mm Brown BLFIXGRILL125WHI 125mm White BLFIXGRILL150BLK 150mm Black BLFIXGRILL150BRN 150mm Brown BLFIXGRILL150GRY 150mm Grey BLFIXGRILL150TER 150mm Terracotta BLFIXGRILL150WHI 150mm White BLFIXGRILL150COT 150mm Cotswold Stone BLCOMBIDUCT 102/3 100mm 3m BLCOMBIDUCT 102/6 100mm 6m BLCOMBIDUCT 152/3 150mm 3m BLCOMBIDUCT 152/6 150mm 6m PVC ALUMINIUM FOIL HEAVY DUTY FLEXIBLE DUCTING BLPVCDUCT 102/3 100mm x 3m BLPVCDUCT 102/6 100mm x 6m BLPVCDUCT 152/3 150mm x 3m BLPVCDUCT 152/6 150mm x 6m WHITE PVC FLEXIBLE DUCTING • 100mm 4", 125mm 5" and 150mm 6" duct connection sizes. • Available in white, brown, black, Cotswold Stone and terracotta. • Ideal for bathroom extractor fans & kitchen cooker hoods. • Removable hood for easy cleaning. BLDECOR 155X155/100HK TERRA Plastic CowledWall Grille 100mm Terracotta BLDECOR 155X155/100HK BROWN Plastic CowledWall Grille 100mm Brown BLDECOR 155X155/100HK BLACK Plastic CowledWall Grille 100mm Black BLDECOR 155X155/100HK WHITE Plastic CowledWall Grille 100mmWhite BLDECOR 155X155/100HK COT Plastic CowledWall Grille 100mmCotswold stone