Reform Electrical Distributors Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 100 Code Description Colour temp. Watt Lumens JC180001 4ft Single frosted diffuser 4000K 18W 2600 JC180009 4ft Single white opal diffuser 4000K 18W 2400 JC180017 4ft Twin frosted diffuser 4000K 38W 5400 JC180025 4ft Twin white opal diffuser 4000K 38W 5000 JC180033 5ft Single frosted diffuser 4000K 29W 4200 JC180041 5ft Single white opal diffuser 4000K 29W 3900 JC180049 5ft Twin frosted diffuser 4000K 57W 7500 JC180057 5ft Twin white opal diffuser 4000K 57W 7300 JC180065 6ft Single frosted diffuser 4000K 39W 5300 JC180073 6ft Single white opal diffuser 4000K 39W 4900 JC180081 6ft Twin frosted diffuser 4000K 72W 8600 JC180089 6ft Twin white opal diffuser 4000K 72W 7900 JCEM003 ToughLED Pro™ Emergency pack JCEM003ST ToughLED Pro™ Emergency pack self-test LEV71929 ToughLED™ Pro Microwave on/off sensor LEV71930 MW on/off remote control for LEV71929 LEV71931 ToughLED™ Pro Microwave step dim sensor LEV71932 MW step dim remote control for LEV71931 TOUGHLED™ PRO DESIGNED WITH ELECTRICIANS, FOR ELECTRICIANS • 90º Lock-in-place side clip design* keeps clips clear during installation • Detachable 4 pin terminal block* with multiple positions adjacent to all cable entry points • Inbuilt loop-in/loop-out cable restraints to ensure that cables do not clash when closing the fixture • Plug & play emergency & microwave sensor modules with optional remote control • Ultra-wide surface mount bracket rail to enable flexibility to locate joists • Inbuilt BESA and surface mounting guides† • Unique rear IP66 gasket, sealing cable entry from within the fixture for surface mounting applications • 4ft, 5ft, 6ft single and twin light outputs in both opal and prismatic diffuser options • Microwave step dimmable, DALI and 1-10V dimmable options available • High efficiency up to 145 lpcW • 5-year extended warranty on fixture and batteries *Patent pending. †UK Registered Design No. 6175833.