Reform Electrical Distributors Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 10 CONDUIT FITTINGS BS EN 61386 CLASS 4 GALVANISED INK JET CONDUIT TUBE CONDUIT TUBE 20mm 25mm 3.00 Metre Length DT20300 DT25300 3.75 Metre Length DT20375 DT25375 Master Bundle 400 320 Half Bundle 200 160 10 x Mini Bundle 80 80 CIRCULAR CONDUIT BOXES 20mm 25mm Terminal Box GV DT21120G DT21125G Terminal Extension Box GV DT22120G DT22125G Back Outlet Box GV DT23120G DT23125G Through Box GV DT25120G DT25125G Tee Box GV DT26120G DT26125G Intersection Box GV DT22120G DT22125G Angle Box GV DT23120G DT23125G U 2 Way Box GV DT25120G DT25125G Y 3 Way Box GV DT26120G DT26125G H 4 Way Box GV DT26120G DT26125G LOOP IN BOXES 1 Hole 2 Hole 4 Hole K/O 20/25mm Loop In Box GV DT27001 DT27002 20/25mm Loop In Box ZP DT30001 DT30002 DT30005 EXTENSION RING 20mm Extension Ring ZP DT31020Z 25mm Extension Ring ZP DT31025Z BOX LIDS Box Lid Light GV DT32201G Box Lid Gasket DT32301 Hook Plate ZP DT32620G 20mm Dome Cover GV DT32620G 25mm Dome Cover GV DT32425G BENDS, ELBOW & TEES 20mm 25mm Solid Bend ZP DT31420Z DT31425Z Solid Elbow GV DT31620G DT31625G Solid Tee GV DT31820G DT31825G INSPECTION BENDS, ELBOW & TEES 20mm 25mm Inspection Bend GV DT31520G DT31525G Inspection Elbow GV DT31720G DT31725G Inspection Tee GV DT31920G DT31925G TOOLS 20/25mm Stock Die & Guide DT6012025 20/25mm Metal Conduit Bender DT615 COUPLERS 20mm 25mm Solid Coupler GV DT31120G DT31125G Flanged Coupler GV DT31320G DT31325G *Available in White (WH) and Black (BK) SADDLES 20mm 25mm Spacer Bar Saddle ZP DT34020Z DT34025Z Spacer Bar Saddle Powder Coated DT34020* DT34025* Heavy Distance Saddle GV DT34120G DT34125G Hospital Saddle GV DT34220G DT25125G NIPPLE, HOOK & HEX PLUGS 20mm 25mm Nipple ZP DT34020Z DT32725Z Hook GV DT32020G DT32025G Hex Plug ZP DT33120Z DT33125Z ADAPTOR & REDUCERS 25mm Male to 1 Inch Female Adaptor ZP DT32904Z 25mm to 20mm Reducer ZP DT3302520Z BRASS BUSHES 20mm 25mm Short Male Bush DT40120 DT40125 Male Bush DT40220 DT40225 Female Bush DT40320 DT40325 LOCKNUTS & LOCKRINGS 20mm 25mm Locknut ZP DT33320Z DT33325Z Milled Edge Lockring ZP DT33520Z DT33525Z ADAPTABLE BOX K/O Plain 75 x 75 x 50mm ZP DT501332G DT502332G 100 x 100 x 50mm ZP DT501442G DT502442G