Rage Electrical Wholesale Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 167 LOADSTAR 125A L RANGE TYPE B DISTRIBUTION BOARDS No of Ways H W D Code 4 490 430 155 18LS04L 6 570 430 155 18LS06L 8 650 430 155 18LS08L 12 815 430 155 18LS12L 16 895 430 155 18LS16L 20 1000 430 155 18LS20L 24 1140 430 155 18LS24L ACCESSORIES 18BP1/6 Blanking Strip - 6 Individual 1 module wide pieces 18BB1L Busbar cross connector insulator pack of 5 18MBP1L 1 Module wide MCB Profile Blanking Piece 18ML125 SINGLE METER KIT 245mm high ‘add on’ assemblies suitable for mounting directly beneath any surface 125A type B Distribution Board. Includes a digital energy meter, three current transformers and all associated fuses and wiring. Enclosures have a slotted front plate and hinged door with catch offering a lockable option. 18ML125 125A Add-on Meter Kit LOADSTAR INCOMING OPTIONS Description Device Kit 40A TP 40SW3 * 63A TP 63 SW3 * 100A TP 100SW3 * 125A TP 125SW3 * 40A 4P 40SW4 18LK125 63A 4P 63SW4 18LK125 100A 4P 100SW4 18LK125 125A 4P 125SW4 18LK125 TP to SP conversion 100ADP 100SW2 18LKTPSP 125A DP 125SW2 18LKTPSP * No kit required Order Device and Kit (where required) separately. Switch Disconnector, modular (50mm2) Rating B Type C Type 6A 6HSR06/30B 6HSR06/30C 10A 6HSR10/30B 6HSR10/30C 16A 6HSR16/30B 6HSR16/30C 20A 6HSR20/30B 6HSR20/30C 32A 6HSR32/30B 6HSR32/30C 40A 6HSR40/30B 6HSR40/30C 50A 6HSR50/30B 6HSR50/30C 18mm wide, suitable for use within Loadstar Distribution Boards 30mA sensitivity, ‘B’ or ‘C’ characteristic, unswitched Neutral. RCBOs with longer incoming neutral flying leads (1.2m) are available - Suffix the Type C list number with /LT. (eg: 6HSR32/30C/LT). SINGLE MODULE 10KA Rating B Type C Type D Type 6A 6HSL06B 6HSL06C 6HSL06D 10A 6HSL10B 6HSL10C 6HSL10D 16A 6HSL16B 6HSL16C 6HSL16D 20A 6HSL20B 6HSL20C 6HSL20D 25A 6HSL25B 6HSL25C 6HSL25D 32A 6HSL32B 6HSL32C 6HSL32D 40A 6HSL40B 6HSL40C 6HSL40D 50A 6HSL50B 6HSL50C 6HSL50D 63A 6HSL63B 6HSL63C 6HSL63D SINGLE POLE MCBs 10KA TRIPLE POLE MCBs 10KA Rating B Type C Type D Type 6A 6HTL06B 6HTL06C 6HTL06D 10A 6HTL10B 6HTL10C 6HTL10D 16A 6HTL16B 6HTL16C 6HTL16D 20A 6HTL20B 6HTL20C 6HTL20D 25A 6HTL25B 6HTL25C 6HTL25D 32A 6HTL32B 6HTL32C 6HTL32D 40A 6HTL40B 6HTL40C 6HTL40D 50A 6HTL50B 6HTL50C 6HTL50D 63A 6HTL63B 6HTL63C 6HTL63D MCBs RCBOs www.electrium.co.uk 125A INTEGRAL METER KIT Integral meter kit suitable for mounting within 125A type B Meter Ready (MR) Distribution Boards* Includes a Digital energy meter, three current transformers, fuses, wiring looms and mounting base plate. * For use with triple pole incoming options only LS125MPKIT 125A Integral Meter Kit LS125MIDMPKIT 125A Integral Meter Kit (MID)