Rage Electrical Wholesale Product Catalogue

129 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 22 Flat Roof Window Ceiling Pitched Roof D SERIES CONTROLS There is a mix of integral and remote sensors, alongside the DX-CON remote control for the range. The DX-CON provides supply or extract control, variable speed and automatic or manual switching of several fans if desired. Integral PIR, Run-On Timer or Humidity Sensors can be fitted with all fans. A Remote Humidity Sensor is also available in 6, 9 and 12 inch sizes for all fan types. DX-CON Remote Control Up to 5 fans (sizes 6" / 9") or up to 2 fans (size 12”) can be controlled by one DX-CON. INTEGRAL SENSORS DX-PIR6/9/12 PIR DX-H6/9/12 Humidistat DX-T6/9/12 Timer DX-RH Remote Humidistat Sensor Window (WW) Pitched Roof (PR) Flat Roof (FR) Ceiling (PL) D SERIES SUPPLY & EXTRACT Model 6 inch 9 inch 12 inch Window DX6WW DX9WW DX12WW Wall DX6WL DX9WL DX12WL Ceiling DX6PL DX9PL DX12PL Pitched Roof DX6PR DX9PR DX12PR Flat Roof DX6FR DX9FR DX12FR FROM WALLS AND WINDOWS TO ROOFS AND CEILINGS, THE D SERIES FANS’ MARKET-LEADING DESIGN SUITS ALL APPLICATIONS. D SERIES fans demonstrate remarkably high performance, as the high efficiency impeller and external rotor motor outperform competitor fans, and at much lower noise levels (up to 530l/s or 1908m3/hr, from 31dBA). The fans also feature an economy speed setting, maximising performance at the lowest possible energy usage. D SERIES fans also benefit from a robust construction. They are manufactured with flame retardant ABS polymer IP44, rated for long life, and can be fitted with a wide range of sensors including PIR, humidity and a run on timer. Sensors can be integral within the unit or mounted separately. The D SERIES range offers both fan kits and individual parts to suit all application requirements; from new build, to refurbishment and replacement. Internal Grille Fan Module Adjustable Wall Sleeve External Grill D SERIES WALL (WL) FAN KITS REMOTE CONTROL www.domusventilation.co.uk