The Northern Lighting Company Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 23 LOCKNUTS Code Description LN16G 16mm Locknut LN1G 20mm Locknut LN2G 25mm Locknut LN3G 32mm Locknut LN4G 1.5” Locknut LN40G 40mm Locknut LN5G 2” Locknut Code Description MBBS1 20mm Short Male Brass Bush MBBS2 25mm Short Male Brass Bush MBBS3 32mm Short Male Brass Bush MBBS4 1.5” Short Male Brass Bush MBBS5 2” Short Male Brass Bush MBBS16 16mm Short Male Brass Bush MALE BRASS BUSHES: SHORT MALE BRASS BUSHES: LONG MBBL1 20mm Long Male Brass Bush MBBL2 25mm Long Male Brass Bush MBBL3 32mm Long Male Brass Bush MBBL4 1.5” Long Male Brass Bush MBBL5 2” Long Male Brass Bush MBBL6 63mm Long Male Brass Bush MBBL7 2.5” Long Male Brass Bush MBBL8 75mm Long Male Brass Bush MBBL9 3” Long Male Brass Bush FEMALE BRASS BUSHES FBB1 20mm Female Brass Bush FBB2 25mm Female Brass Bush FBB3 32mm Female Brass Bush FBB4 1.5” Female Brass Bush FBB5 2” Female Brass Bush FBB6 63mm Female Brass Bush FBB7 2.5” Female Brass Bush FBB8 75mm Female Brass Bush FBB9 3” Female Brass Bush SOLID COUPLERS Code Description SC1 20mm Solid Coupler SC2 25mm Solid Coupler BOX LID SCREWS BM6 M4 x 6mm Brass Box Lid Screw BM10 M4 x 10mm Brass Box Lid Screw BM12 M4 x 12mm Brass Box Lid Screw BM16 M4 x 16mm Brass Box Lid Screw BM20 M4 x 20mm Brass Box Lid Screw BM25 M4 x 25mm Brass Box Lid Screw BM30 M4 x 30mm Brass Box Lid Screw BM35 M4 x 35mm Brass Box Lid Screw BM40 M4 x 40mm Brass Box Lid Screw BM50 M4 x 50mm Brass Box Lid Screw LOCK RINGS STEEL LR16 16mm Lock Ring LR1 20mm Lock Ring LR2 25mm Lock Ring LR3 32mm Lock Ring LR4 1.5” Lock Ring LR5 2” Lock Ring LOCK RINGS BRASS LR6 63mm Brass Lock Ring LR7 2.5” Brass Lock Ring LR8 75mm Brass Lock Ring LR9 3” Brass Lock Ring FLUSH BACK BOXES EWS1 16mm 1 Gang Flush Box EWS2 25mm 1 Gang Flush Box EWS3 25mm 2 Gang Flush Box EWS4 35mm 1 Gang Flush Box (20mm and 25mm Knockouts) EWS5 35mm 2 Gang Flush Box EWS6 35mm Dual Flush Box EWS6/25 25mm Dual Flush Box EWS7 47mm 1 Gang Flush Box EWS8 47mm 2 Gang Flush Box EWS1 EWS4 EWS6/25 EWS8 32mm, 63mm, 75mm, 1.5" and 2" sizes also available.