The Northern Lighting Company Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 186 WYLEX AMENDMENT 2 DISTRIBUTION BOARDS & DEVICES • AFDD Compatible • SPD Compatible • RCBO Compatible Single Module SPD Single Module AFDDs Single Module RCBOs SINGLE POLE 10KA MCBS THREE POLE 10KA MCBS Rating B Curve C Curve D Curve B Curve C Curve D Curve 6A PSBL06-B PSBL06-C PSBL06-D PSBL306-B PSBL306-C PSBL306-D 10A PSBL10-B PSBL10-C PSBL10-D PSBL310-B PSBL310-C PSBL310-D 16A PSBL16-B PSBL16-C PSBL16-D PSBL316-B PSBL316-C PSBL316-D 20A PSBL20-B PSBL20-C PSBL20-D PSBL320-B PSBL320-C PSBL320-D 25A PSBL25-B PSBL25-C PSBL25-D PSBL325-B PSBL325-C PSBL325-D 32A PSBL32-B PSBL32-C PSBL32-D PSBL332-B PSBL332-C PSBL332-D 40A PSBL40-B PSBL40-C PSBL40-D PSBL340-B PSBL340-C PSBL340-D 50A PSBL50-B PSBL50-C PSBL50-D PSBL350-B PSBL350-C PSBL350-D 63A PSBL63-B PSBL63-C PSBL63-D PSBL363-B PSBL363-C PSBL363-D Single Module SPD (Type A Board Only) NMT2SPD3W/1 Surge Protection Kit (Type B Board only) NHTNSP125L TYPE B DISTRIBUTION BOARDS Order Code Description NHTN04L 4 Way 125A TP&N Board NHTN06L 6 Way 125A TP&N Board NHTN08L 8 Way 125A TP&N Board NHTN12L 12 Way 125A TP&N Board NHTN16L 16 Way 125A TP&N Board NHTN20L 20 Way 125A TP&N Board NHTN24L 24 Way 125A TP&N Board Order Code Description NHSPN0051L 5 Way 100A SP&N Board NHSPN0081L 8 Way 100A SP&N Board NHSPN00111L 11 Way 100A SP&N Board NHSPN00141L 14 Way 100A SP&N Board NHSPN00161L 16 Way 100A SP&N Board NHSPN00191L 19 Way 100A SP&N Board DISTRIBTION BOARD ACCESSORIES NHBLM1L MCB Profile Blank NHBL1 1 Module Cover Blank NHBL3 3 Module Cover Blank PDDPL Door lock / Padlocking Device TYPE A DISTRIBUTION BOARDS WITH MAIN SWITCH WS123 3 Pole Switch Disconector WS124 4 Pole Switch Disconector NH4PINKIT 4 Pole Incomer Connection Kit NHSPAK Single Phase Conversion Kit TYPE B DISTRIBUTION BOARD INCOMERS SINGLE MODULE 10KA TYPE A 30MA RCBO Rating B Curve C Curve 6A PSBS6-B/1 PSBS6/1 10A PSBS10-B/1 PSBS10/1 16A PSBS16-B/1 PSBS16/1 20A PSBS20-B/1 PSBS20/1 32A PSBS32-B/1 PSBS32/1 40A PSBS40-B/1 PSBS40/1 50A PSBS50-B/1 PSBS50/1 SINGLE MODULE 6KA AFDD Rating B Curve C Curve 6A NXSB06AFD NXSC06AFD 10A NXSB10AFD NXSC10AFD 13A NXSB13AFD NXSC13AFD 16A NXSB16AFD NXSC16AFD 20A NXSB20AFD NXSC20AFD 25A NXSB25AFD NXSC25AFD 32A NXSB32AFD NXSC32AFD 40A NXSB40AFD NXSC40AFD NHSPN00141L NHTN08L PSBL06-B PSBL25-B PSBL332-C NXSB13AFD NHTNSP125L