The Northern Lighting Company Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 123 WATTAGE SWITCHABLE TRI COLOUR IP66 STAINLESS STEEL CLIPS Product Code Description AQUA-WS-600TC 590mm, Wattage Switchable (12/14/17/20W), Tri-Colour* AQUA-WS-1200TC 1190mm, Wattage Switchable (25/30/35/40W), Tri-Colour* AQUA-WS-1500TC 1490mm, Wattage Switchable (35/40/50/60W), Tri-Colour* AQUA-WS-1800TC 1800mm, Wattage Switchable (45/50/65/75W), Tri-Colour* * Tri-Colour is 3000K/4000K/5000K (CCT Switchable) Add /EM for Emergency; add /CT for step-dim sensor; add /CE for both AQUAPACK MULTI-POWER VAPOUR PROOF INTEGRAL PHOTOCELL AS STANDARD WATTAGE SWITCHABLE IP66 IK10 * Tri-Colour is 3000K/4000K/5000K (CCT Switchable) Product Code Description MIT-WS-TC Standard, Wattage Switchable (10.5/17.5/26/35W), Tri-Colour* MIT-WS-TC/EM Emergency, Wattage Switchable (10.5/17.5/26/35W), Tri-Colour* MITRE EXTERNAL BULKHEAD 60mmor 76mm SPIGOT OPTIONS IP66 SURGE PROTECTION 10Kv ASYMMETRIC BEAM Product Code Description QSTREET-PRO-30NW/FX 30W, 4000K QSTREET-PRO-50NW/FX 50W, 4000K QSTREET-PRO-75NW/FX 75W, 4000K QSTREET-PRO-100NW/FX 100W, 4000K QSTREET-PRO-150NW/FX 150W, 4000K Product Code Description QSTREET-PRO-30NW/PH 30W, 4000K QSTREET-PRO-50NW/PH 50W, 4000K QSTREET-PRO-75NW/PH 75W, 4000K QSTREET-PRO-100NW/PH 100W, 4000K QSTREET-PRO-150NW/PH 150W, 4000K STANDARD MODELS PHOTOCELL MODELS Various Accessories also Available - Including Columns, Brackets and Photocell Sensor Attachments QSTREET PRO STREET LIGHTING ALUMINIUM HOUSING IP44 TP(b) UGR COMPLIANT Add /EM for Remote Emergency Product Code Description OX-LITE-36-6X6NW 595 x 595mm Opal Panel, 36W, 4000K, TP(b) OX-LITE-36-6X6CW 595 x 595mm Opal Panel, 36W, 6000K, TP(b) ON-X LITE BACKLIT MODULAR PANEL IP66 76mm SPIGOT SURGE PROTECTION 6Kv EASY MAINTENANCE Product Code Description LEO-25NW 25W, 4000K, 76mm Spigot LEO-35NW 35W, 4000K, 76mm Spigot LEO-58NW 58W, 4000K, 76mm Spigot LEO POST-TOP EXTERNAL LUMINAIRE WWW.QVIS.CO.UK