Moreton Alarm Supplies Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 139 ENERGY EFFICIENT PRODUCTS ALMERIA ECO DIGITAL PANEL HEATER • Large easy to read TFT Screen with text menus • Easy to program with 2 Operating modes • Dedicated Boost facility with program advance mode • Open Window Technology – improves Energy Efficiency • 7 Year Battery Life on program and time Product Code Description DPH500-ECO Almeria Digital Panel Heater, 500W DPH750-ECO Almeria Digital Panel Heater, 750W DPH1000-ECO Almeria Digital Panel Heater, 1000W DPH1500-ECO Almeria Digital Panel Heater, 1500W DPH2000-ECO Almeria Digital Panel Heater, 2000W HAND DRYERS ATC HIGH SPEED CUB HAND DRYER ATC TIGER ECO HIGH SPEED HAND DRYER 1 YEAR WARRANTY Product Code Description Finish Z-2651M 1300W Hand Dryer Stainless Steel Z-2651BL 1300W Hand Dryer Black Painted Steel Z-2651WH 1300W Hand Dryer White Painted Steel • For low usage washrooms • 1.93g CO2 per dry • Annual Energy Cost : £31.20 • For medium to high usage washrooms • 2.12g CO2 per dry • Annual Energy Cost : £33.80 Product Code Description Finish Z-3145M 650/1400W Hand Dryer Stainless Steel Z-3145W 650/1400W Hand Dryer White Painted Steel HEATERS WELCOME OVERDOOR HEATER Product Code Description WEL3000 Welcome Overdoor Heater with Remote Control, 3kW BAVARO DOWNFLOW HEATER 1 YEAR WARRANTY Product Code Description DF2000 Bavaro Downflow Heater 2kW ALFRESCO OUTDOOR HEATER Product Code Description ALH1800 Alfresco 1800W IP55 Outdoor Electric Infrared Out Door Heater C/W Bracket ALH1800-P-TRI Alfresco Portable Outdoor Electric Heater, 1800W, IP55, c/w Heater, Tripod & Bracket