Lewis Electrical Distributors Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 3 Code RG6 Coaxial SFX125 Coaxial Black PE /m SFX/125-PE-BLK-1 SFX165 Coaxial Black PE /m SFX/165-PE-BLK-1 SFX125 Coaxial Direct Burial Green PE SFX/125-DB-GRN-1 RG59 Coaxial SWA CCA Black PE /m SFX/59-SWA-PE-BLK-1 RG11 Coaxial 7/0.40 Black LSZH /m SFX/RG11-LSZH-BLK-1 100m RG59 Mini Coaxial 1/0.41mWhite LSF SFX/59-MINI-LSFWHT-100 RG6 COAXIAL CABLES ADDITIONAL COAXIAL CABLE TYPES SATELLITE & CCTV COAXIAL CABLES • CCS Conductor • Foam-Filled Dielectric • Foil & Braid Screening • Also stocked in White/Brown RG6 Coaxial Code 100m Black PVC SFX/RG6-PVC-BLK-100 250m Black PVC SFX/RG6-PVC-BLK-250 100m Twin Black PVC SFX/RG6-TWIN-PVCBLK-100 250m Twin Black PVC SFX/RG6-TWIN-PVCBLK-250 • Cut to length cables sold in 50m increments • Many other types available • Please enquire with any specific requirements 100m RG59 Coaxial Code CCA Black PVC SFX/59-PVC-BLK-100 CCA Black LSF SFX/59-LSF-BLK-100 CCA Black PE SFX/59-PE-BLK-100 + 2 Power Cores 0.5mm CCA Black PVC SFX/59+2C-0.5-PVCBLK-100 + 2 Power Cores 0.75mm Black LSF SFX/59+2C-0.75-LSFBLK-100 + 2 Power Cores 0.5mm CCA Black PE SFX/59+2C-0.5-PEBLK-100 RG59 COAXIAL CABLES • CCA Conductor • Premium Range also available • Foil & Braid Screening • Also stocked in White; Other lengths available • SWA types from stock TELECOM & SPEAKER CABLES • Speaker Cable Code Description 2 Core OFC 1.5mm Parallel Gold Clear PVC SFX/SPK-SS-2C-PL-1.5-PVC-CLR-100 2 Core OFC 2.5mm Parallel Gold Clear PVC SFX/SPK-SS-2C-PL-2.5-PVC-CLR-100 2 Core OFC 2.5mm Round Black LSZH SFX/SPK-SS-2C-2.5-LSZH-BLK-1 2 Core OFC 4.0mm Round Black LSZH SFX/SPK-SS-2C-4.0-LSZH-BLK-1 4 Core OFC 2.5mm Round Black LSZH SFX/SPK-SS-4C-2.5-LSZH-BLK-1 CW1308 TELEPHONE CABLES LSF BUDGET RANGE TELEPHONE CABLES PVC EXTERNAL GRADE TELECOM CABLES PE BLACK BUDGET RANGE SPEAKER CABLES PVC PREMIUM OFC SPEAKER CABLE RANGE ADDITIONAL SPEAKER CABLE TYPES • Copper Conductors • White LSF Sheath • Other lengths available 100m CW1308 Code 2 Pair White LSF SFX/CW1308-2-LSFWHT-100 3 Pair White LSF SFX/CW1308-3-LSFWHT-100 4 Pair White LSF SFX/CW1308-4-LSFWHT-100 6 Pair White LSF SFX/CW1308-6-LSFWHT-100 10 Pair White LSF SFX/CW1308-10-LSFWHT-100 20 Pair White LSF SFX/CW1308-20-LSFWHT-100 • CCS Conductors • White PVC Sheath • Supplied on 100m reels Budget Telecom Cable Code 2pr CCS White PVC SFX/TC-2-PVC-WHT-100 3pr CCS White PVC SFX/TC-3-PVC-WHT-100 4pr CCS White PVC SFX/TC-4-PVC-WHT-100 6pr CCS White PVC SFX/TC-6-PVC-WHT-100 • Copper Conductors • Suitable for external use • Cut to length in 50m increments • Petroleum Jelly filled CW1128 Code Description 5pr 0.5mm PJ Filled Black PE SFX/CW1128-5-PEBLK-U-1 10pr 0.5mm PJ Filled Black PE SFX/CW1128-10-PEBLK-U-1 5pr 0.5mm PJ Filled SWA Black PE SFX/CW1198-5-SWAPE-BLK-U-1 10pr 0.5mm PJ Filled SWA Black PE SFX/CW1198-10-SWAPE-BLK-U-1 • CCA Conductors • White PVC Sheath • Black tracer line • Supplied on 100m reels Speaker Cable PVC Code 2 Core 13 Strand (0.4mm) White SFX/SPK-13-PVCWHT- 100 2 Core 42 Strand (1.5mm) White SFX/SPK-42-PVCWHT- 100 2 Core 79 Strand (2.5mm) White SFX/SPK-79-PVCWHT- 100 • Oxygen Free Copper • Other lengths Available • Cut in 50m increments • Distinctive Sheath Colours Speaker Cable Code 100m 2 Core 16AWG Pink LSZH SFX/SPK-PRO-2CLSZH-PNK-100 100m 2 Core 16AWG Black PE SFX/SPK-PRO-2C-PEBLK-100 100m Cable 4 Core 16AWG Pink LSZH SFX/SPK-PRO-4CLSZH-PNK-100 100m 4 Core 16AWG Black PE SFX/SPK-PRO-4C-PEBLK-100 2 Core 14AWG Purple LSZH SFX/SPK-PRO-2C-14-LSZH-PUR-1 4 Core 14AWG Purple LSZH SFX/SPK-PRO-4C-14-LSZH-PUR-1 • Oxygen Free Copper • Other lengths Available • Cut in 50m increments • Highly Stranded & Flexible www.securiflex.co.uk