Lewis Electrical Distributors Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 110 EMERGENCY LIGHTING ORDA 2 TWIN SPOT EMERGENCY LIGHT Order Code Description Lumen ORD03-WHT 3W, IP65 White 370lm ORD03-BLK 3W, IP65 Black 330lm ORD03-WHT/ST 3W, IP65 Self-test, White 370lm ORD03-BLK/ST 3W, IP65 Self-test, Black 330lm MULU 5W EMERGENCY EXIT BULKHEAD 190 LUMEN • IP65 and IK10 - 6500K • Maintained and non-maintained option • Self adhesive graphics provided • 20mm Conduit entry Order Code Version Lumen MUL0105 Standard 80lm MUL0105-BLK Standard Black 40lm MUL0105/ST Self-test 70lm (Emergency) 200lm (Lighting) MUL0105-BLK/ST Self-test Black 50lm (Emergency) 130lm (Lighting) Suspended DOXA HANGING EXIT SIGNWITH MULTIPLE MOUNTING POSITIONS Wall mounted Ceiling Mounted Order Code Version CCT Lumen DOX0103** Standard 6500K 30lm (Emergency) 50lm (Lighting) DOX0103**/ST Self-test 6500K 30lm (Emergency) 50lm (Lighting) DOX-ESLR Exit sign Left/Right Replaced ** with DW for down legend included or UP for up legend included (All installation kits included) NON-MAINTAINED EMERGENCY DOWNLIGHT Order Code Version Beam Angle CCT Lumen NTR03 StandardWhite 45° 6500K 150lm NTR03-CHM Standard Chrome 45° 6500K 150lm NTR03-BAS Standard Brass 45° 6500K 150lm NTR03-BLK Standard Black 45° 6500K 130lm NTR03/COR Corridor White 25° Transverse 120° Axial 6500K 200lm NTR03/ST Self-test White 45° 6000K 150lm Order Code Version Beam Angle CCT Lumen NTRSU03 StandardWhite 45° 6500K 150lm NTRSU03-BLK Standard Black 45° 6500K 120lm NTRSU03/ST Self-test White 45° 6000K 100lm NTRSU03-BLK/ST Self-test Black 45° 6000K 70lm NITRO SURFACE Order Code Version Input Power (Max) Emergency Output Power CCT Lumen BEL0105 Standard 5W 1W 6500K 70lm BEL0105/ST Self-test 5W 1W 6500K 70lm BELUM STANDARD/SELF-TEST LED EXIT SIGN BOX • Hidden slot at the frame for attaching exit sign film • Maintained and non-maintained options • Available in self-test version • Emergency lights under the fitting illuminate the door way • All legends included NITRO AND NITRO SURFACE