JJL Electrical Solutions Product Catalogue

AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 78 AIE Me ber Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 22 D1010NR 10AX 1G 1W SP Switch D1030NR 10AX 1G Intermediate Switch D1020NR 10AX 1G 2W SP Switch D1040NR 10AX 2G 2W SP Switch D1041NR 10AX 2G 1W SP Switch D1050NR 10AX 3G 2W SP Switch D1051NR 10AX 3G 1W SP Switch D1054NR 10AX 4G 2W SP Switch D1000NR 10A 1G SP Retractive Switch D1400PUNR 400W 1G Dimmer Switch D1402PUNR 400W 2G Dimmer Switch D1400LEDPUNR 5-100W 1G LED Dimmer Switch D1402LEDPUNR 5-100W 2G LED Dimmer Switch LIGHT SWITCHES D1013NR 6A 3 Pole Fan Isolator D1070NR 20A DP Switch D1060NR 20A DP Switch with Neon D1060FNR 20A DP Switch with Neon and Flex D9713NR 45A DP Switch D9712NR 45A DP Switch with Neon D9703NR 45A DP 2G Vertical Switch D9702NR 45A DP 2G Vertical Switch with Neon CONTROL SWITCHES D9990NR 25A Flex Outlet D9704NR Cooker Outlet Plate D9800NR 20VA Dual Volt Shaver Socket D9409NR 1G 29mm Pattress D9414NR 2G 29mm Pattress D9996NR 2G Blank Plate D9991NR 1G Blank Plate D9974NR BT Master Outlet D9984NR BT Secondary Outlet D9992NR Co-Axial Outlet D9997NR F-Type Satellite Outlet OTHER ACCESSORIES D1080NR 13A DP FCU Switched D1080FNR 13A DP FCU Switched with Flex Outlet D1081NR 13A DP FCU Switched with Neon D1081FNR 13A DP FCU Switch with Neon and Flex Outlet FUSED CONNECTION UNITS D1500NR 13A 2G Switched Socket D1300NR 13A 1G Switched Socket D1500/DNR 13A 2G DP Switched Socket D1500USBNR 13A 2G Switched Socket with Dual USB D1300/DNR 13A 1G DP Switched Socket D9100NR 13A 1G Unswitched Socket D9900NR 15A 1G Switched Socket D9701NR 45A DP Cooker Control Unit with 13A DP Socket D9700NR 45A DP Cooker Control Unit with 13A DP Socket & Neon SOCKETS DG3450NR 20AX 1W SP Grid Switch DG3550NR 20AX 2W SP Grid Switch DG3535NR 10AX Intermediate Grid Switch DG3460NR 20A DP Grid Switch DG3460NNR 20A DP Grid Switch with Neon DG3436NR 13A Fuse Grid Unit DG6082NR 2 Module Blank Piece DG6081NR 1 Module Blank Piece DG6080NR 1/2 Module Blank Piece DG3571NR 1 Module Grid Plate DG3572NR 2 Module Grid Plate DG3573NR 3 Module Grid Plate DG3574NR 4 Module Grid Plate DG3576NR 6 Module Grid Plate DG3578NR 8 Module Grid Plate GRID The Volex Accessories Casa range is the ideal solution for the modern domestic installation. The range offers a contemporary sleek aesthetic, concealed fixing screws and a compact concave rocker design synonymous with the new wave of wiring accessories whilst retaining the core values of the Volex accessories brand. All products are manufactured and tested to the latest British Standards, are RoHS compliant and in line terminals on the sockets facilitate speed of installation. With a clip-in grid and data range and local product marking available, this range is perfect for any residential application. CASA WHITE MOULDED WIRING ACCESSORIES www.electrium.co.uk