JJL Electrical Solutions Product Catalogue

160 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 22 • Robust LED low/high bay for industrial, commercial and retail applications • Die-cast powder coated construction and heatsink for optimum thermals and performance • Alternative installation options by means of drop rods, jack chain and catenary wire. • IP65 and IK06 ratings • Pre-wired with 1M of H05RN-F cable for ease and speed of installation • LED lifespan L70 50,000 hours ZLED ECO Code Description AZLEDECO/1 4000K Cool White 100W AZLEDECO/2 4000K Cool White 150W AZLEDECO/3 4000K Cool White 200W AZLEDECO/1/DL 6500K Daylight White 100W AZLEDECO/2/DL 6500K Daylight White 150W AZLEDECO/3/DL 6500K Daylight White 200W Options M3 Emergency SM3 Self-test Emergency DM3 DALI Emergency OCTO OCTO Smart Control MWS Integral Microwave Sensor PC Electronic Photocell DD Digital Dimming. • Modern, robust die-cast aluminium low glare wall pack suitable for commercial and industrial applications • Advanced lens technology offers wide distribution for optimum spacing and uniformity; whilst ensuring minimal uplight and light pollution • Reduced light pollution with less than 2% upward light distribution • Helps with compliance with Dark Skies recommendations • Power selectable; offering a choice of 3 outputs, in one luminaire • High efficiency up to 140 Lm/W • Electrostatic paint finish for enhanced corrosion resistance • Multiple conduit entry and BESA fixing points • 20mm East andWest side entry for surface conduit and through-wire • Dimmable and Smart options available • 5 Year Warranty WOLF WALL PACK Code Description AWOLF/BLK CCT Selectable – Black AWOLF/SG CCT Selectable – SilverGrey COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL LIGHTING www.anselluk.com