JJL Electrical Solutions Product Catalogue

12 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 22 RTI MULTI TOOL 3 IN 1 HIGH QUALITY CRIMPING TOOL • Supplied with 3 interchangeable die sets conveniently stored in the handle of the crimper. • Pre-insulated terminals 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 6mm • Insulated bootlace ferrules 0.5mm - 10mm • Uninsulated crimps 6mm - 10mm ROTARY ISOLATORS Part Number Description RI-20A-4P Rotary Isolator 20A 4 pole 415V RI-20A-4PL Rotary Isolator 20A 4 pole 415V - Large enclosure RI-32A-4P Rotary Isolator 32A 4 pole 415V RI-32A-4PL Rotary Isolator 32A 4 pole 415V - Large enclosure RI-40A-4P Rotary Isolator 40A 4 pole 415V RI-63A-4P Rotary Isolator 63A 4 pole 415V RI-100A-4P Rotary Isolator 100A 4 pole 415V • Weatherproof to IP65 • Easy Installation • Multiple M20/M25 knockouts up to 63A top and bottom • M25/M32 knockouts up to 100A top and bottom • Can be locked in the off position using a padlock (not supplied) • Earth and Neutral terminals are included • Captive retained cover screws • Conforms to IEC 60947-3. Part Number Description MPKC-632 2 Way Mini Piano Key Connector MPKC-633 3 Way Mini Piano Key Connector MPKC-634 4 Way Mini Piano Key Connector MPKC-635 5 Way Mini Piano Key Connector MPKC PUSH IN QUICK-CONNECTORS STAINLESS STEEL 316 CABLE TIES • Resistant to corrosive oils, chemicals, solvents, salt spray and antimagnetic • 316 Stainless steel marine grade self locking Part Number Description SST200-4.6 Stainless steel cable ties 200 x 4.6mm SST300-4.6 Stainless steel cable ties 300 x 4.6mm SST360-4.6 Stainless steel cable ties 360 x 4.6mm ACCESSORIES SSTB4 Stainless steel cable tie bases M4 fixing hole SSTB6 Stainless steel cable tie bases M6 fixing hole CT1-SST Cable tie tensioning tool for stainless steel ties CTC TRADE TUBS Part Number Description TRAD-1 RedWall Plugs & Screws TRAD-2 Brown Wall Plugs & Screws TRAD-3 T&E Clips 1, 1.5 & 2.5mm TRAD-4 Plasterboard Fixings & Screws Part Number Description HB-BOOT Insulated bootlace ferrule kit 0.5-10mm HB-SHRINK Heatshrink in all phase colours & g/y 6.4, 9.5 & 12.7 o/d HB-CRIMP Selection of pre-insulated terminals 1.5-6mm HB-FUSE Assorted glass fuses 20/30mm 14 different amps HB-PKC Single and twin piano key connector kit HANDY BOX RANGE www.ctcukltd.co.uk