Jays Electrical Wholesaler Product Catalogue

181 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 22 A-Lite, B-Lite, U-Lite A comprehensive range of PIR and Microwave sensors CONTROLS Code Description OV841217CTA A-Lite 1200mm LED Batten OV82120 B-Lite 1200mm LED Batten OV80121 U-Lite 1200mm LED Luminaire Code Description OVPIR008WH 360° Recessed Flush PIR OVPIR009WH 360° Recessed Flush PIR With Override OVMS001WH 360° Low Profile Surface Microwave Sensor OVMS002WHD 360° 1-10V Dimmable IP65 Microwave Sensor OVPIR005WH 360° Compact IP44 PIR - White OVPIR005BK 360° Compact IP44 PIR - Black OVPIR006WH 360° Surface IP44 PIR - White OVPIR006BK 360° Surface IP44 PIR - Black OVPIR007WH 360° Low Profile Surface PIR PATHFINDER INCEPTOR® ACE FLOODLIGHTING ** Replace with WH - White Finish or BK - Black Finish Pathfinder IP65 IP44 with PIR Description OV10110**CW OV10110**CWPIR 10W Floodlight - 4000K OV10130**CW OV10130**CWPIR 30W Floodlight - 4000K OV10150**CW OV10150**CWPIR 50W Floodlight - 4000K Inceptor ACE IP65 IP65 with Photocell Description OV102100BKCW OV102100BKCWPC 100W Floodlight - 4000K - Black OV102150BKCW OV102150BKCWPC 150W Floodlight - 4000K - Black OV102200BKCW OV102200BKCWPC 200W Floodlight - 4000K - Black Pathfinder IP65 Pathfinder IP65 Description OV101100BKCW OV101100BKCWPC 100W Floodlight - 4000K - Black OV101150BKCW OV101150BKCWPC 150W Floodlight - 4000K - Black OV101200BKCW OV101200BKCWPC 200W Floodlight - 4000K - Black 3 Year Warranty 3 YR Waterproof Rating IP44 IP65 INCEPTOR ® HULKE Emergency LED Maintained Hinged Bulkhead EMERGENCY AMENITY Code Description OVEM2311 3W IP65 Hinged BulkheadWith Legend Code Description OV2002C11GY 11W Up & Down LEDWall Light - IP65 - 4000K OV2811C7GY 7W LED Spike Light - IP65 - 4000K OV2156C10GY 10W Rectangular LEDWall Light - IP54 - 4000K OV2012C7GY 7W Square Up & Down LEDWall Light - IP54 - 4000K • Hinged lid to assist installation • 5500K Colour temperature • Maintained & non-maintained operation • Adhesive legend supplied UTILITY 5 YR 5 Year Warranty Waterproof Rating 4 YR 3 Year Warranty IP65 Waterproof Rating www.oviauk.com