Jays Electrical Wholesaler Product Catalogue

121 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 22 FUSED SPUR TIMESWITCHES/BOOST TIMERS Timeguard’s new look Fused Spur Timeswitches with easy viewing display, optional 1 or 2 hour boost facility and automatic Summer/Winter time changeover. Clearly delivering the tried and trusted features you expect from the SupplyMaster range. BoostMaster Fused Spur Countdown Switches now added to the range providing timed output protected by a BS1362 fuse switch. Automatic timed countdown selections to a fail safe OFF using simple push button programming with clear LED output status. Simply replace existing single gang connection units or fixed appliance outlets. FST24 24 Hour Fused Spur Timeswitch FST77 Day Fused Spur Timeswitch FBT4N 2 Hour Electronic Boost Timer and Fused Spur TGBD2/D4 2/4 Hour Digital Boost Timer FST24 FST77 FBT4N TGBD2 THE INTELLIGENT HEATING SOLUTION RANGE Versatility comes as standard.Whatever the central heating application you need to control, Timeguard can provide the answer with the Programastat+ range. Product features have been designed to cover the needs of the installer and user with simplicity inmind, all backed up byTimeguard’s three year product guarantee. TRT030N Electronic Room Thermostat TRT030DN Digital Electronic Room Thermostat TRT031N Frost Thermostat TRT032N Tamper Proof Room Thermostat TRT033N Digital Room Thermostat with Night Set-Back TRT034N 7 Day Digital Programmer – 1 Channel TRT035N 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat TRT036N 7 Day Digital Heating Programmer – 2 Channel TRT037N Wireless 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat TRT038N 7 Day Digital Heating Programmer – 3 Channel TRT039N 7 Day Digital Heating Programmer – 4 Channel TRT047N Wireless Digital Room Thermostat with Night Set Back TRTD7N Economy 7 Digital Timeswitch with Boost Control TRTM7N Economy 7 Analogue Timeswitch with Boost Control TRT049N Wiring Centre Box TRT044 Cylinder/Pipe Thermostat TRTWIFI Wi-Fi Controlled Thermostat TRT030N TRT031N TRTWIFI TRT033N TRT032N TRT034N TRT035N TRT037N TRT039N TRTM7N TRT044 TRT049N TRT036N TRT038N TRT047N TRT030DN TRTD7N www.timeguard.com