Independent Electrical Services - Product Catalogue Edition 20

65 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 CEENorm Have a unique requirement for a distribution unit? CEE Norm U.K. Ltd can offer a wide variety of ‘Made to Order’ custom-built units. Made utilising plastic, rubber or metal surface mounting or portable enclosures fitted with our plugs, sockets and protective devices as required. Our Custom Build Division are experts in building Electrical Distribution equipment to meet your bespoke requirements, turning your specifications into a fully Designed and Engineered solutions. Every custom-built product from CEE Norm is designed with care by engineering experts. 2D CAD drawings are supplied with each and every bespoke item quoted. • Ready wired for installation • Housing made of high-grade, impact-resistant plastic. • Top and bottom can be sealed together. • External and internal fastening. • Permanently attached cover screws. • Coded flange system for maximum safety during initial installation and maintenance. • Top hinged straight and at side. • Circuit protection fitted below transparent and lockable operating window with user- friendly OTC* mechanics (* one touch close ). • All CEE socket outlets with screwless, maintenance free QUICK_CONNECT connection technology. • Colours: bottom - black; top - electro-grey (housing top option available).