Independent Electrical Services - Product Catalogue Edition 20

177 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 CONTROLS Floodlights Emergency Microwave Sensor PIR Motion Sensor Recessed 360° Flush PIR IP RATING IP20 INFRARED SENSOR 360 O SENSOR 360 O IP RATING IP20 MICROWAVE SENSOR 360 O SENSOR 360 O IP RATING IP44 INFRARED SENSOR WARRANTY 3 YR INCEPTOR ® HULKE • Hinged lid to assist installation • 5500K Colour temperature • Maintained & non-maintained operation • Adhesive legend supplied Emergency LED Bulkhead 4 YR PRODUCT & BATTERY WARRANTY 3 HOURS EMERGENCY DURATION 3 HR EMERGENCY LUMENS OUTPUT 107 LUMENS OVPIR008WH IP RATING IP65 WARRANTY 3 YR 300W HIGH POWERED OV101300BKCW OV10150WHCWPIR OVEM2311 AMENITY TRINITY • Lamp not included • Available in black and grey Opal Framed Bollard IP RATING 800MM TALL IP54 800MM ES/ E27 LAMPHOLDER OVOL640BK OVOL644GY OVMS001WH Surface Mount Microwave Sensor • Zero Cross Technology Code Description OVMS001WH Surface Mounted 360° Low Profile Microwave Sensor - White IP65 IP44 with PIR Description OV10110WHCW OV10110WHCWPIR 10W LED Floodlight 4000K - White OV10120WHCW OV10120WHCWPIR 20W LED Floodlight 4000K - White OV10130WHCW OV10130WHCWPIR 30W LED Floodlight 4000K - White OV10150WHCW OV10150WHCWPIR 50W LED Floodlight 4000K - White OV10110WHWW OV10110WHWWPIR 10W LED Floodlight 3000K - White OV10120WHWW OV10120WHWWPIR 20W LED Floodlight 3000K - White OV10130WHWW OV10130WHWWPIR 30W LED Floodlight 3000K - White OV10150WHWW OV10150WHWWPIR 50W LED Floodlight 3000K - White IP65 IP65 with Photocell Description OV101100BKCW OV101100BKCWPC 100W LED Floodlight 4000K - Black OV101150BKCW OV101150BKCWPC 150W LED Floodlight 4000K - Black OV101200BKCW OV101200BKCWPC 200W LED Floodlight 4000K - Black OV101300BKCW OV101300BKCWPC 300W LED Floodlight 4000K - Black Also available in Black finish - replace WH with BK PATHFINDER Code Description OVEM2311 3W Emergency LED Maintained Hinged Bulkhead - IP65 Code Description OVOL640BK 11W Max. E27 Trinity Opal Framed Bollard - IP54 - Black OVOL640GY 11W Max. E27 Trinity Opal Framed Bollard - IP54 - Grey OVOL644BK 11W Max. E27 Trinity Opal Slatted Bollard - IP54 - Black OVOL644GY 11W Max. E27 Trinity Opal Slatted Bollard - IP54 - Grey • Zero Cross Technology Code Description OVPIR008WH Recessed 360° Low Profile Flush PIR - White Lighting by Ovia