Independent Electrical Services - Product Catalogue Edition 20

151 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 Integral LED Individual PMMA/Acrylic lenses are positioned on each LED within the panel body The lenses provide a key additional diffusion giving an even & uniform light across the Evo panel evo PANEL New Technology Better Performance Panels 600 x 600 Code Watts Colour Temp Lumens Efficacy ILP6060B033 36W 4000K 3600lm 100lm/W ILP6060B034 36W 6500K 3500lm 101lm/W Wave Pablo Geolux Curve Lux Stone Pathlux Brick Integral WarmTone lamps feature special dimming technology that “warms” the light as it dims – going from 1800K to 2700K Ultra Warm 1800K Warm 2700K WarmTone IP66 Tough Shell+ Bulkheads Classic Range The Classic Full Glass Frosted range mirror the look of traditional pearl light bulbs that have been used widely in homes for decades. Attractive, weatherproof (IP66) and hardwearing (IK10) ceiling and wall lights. 66 IP Rating Code Body Colour Temp Lumens Description ILDEA002 Dark Grey 3000K 600lm Geolux Wall Light 13W IP65 ILDEA021 Dark Grey 4000K 620lm Geolux Wall Light 13W IP65 ILDEA008 Dark Grey 3000K 360lm Curve Wall Light 7.5W IP54 ILDEA010 Dark Grey 3000K 300lm Pablo Wall Light 8W IP54 ILDEA025 Dark Grey 4000K 315lm Pablo Wall Light 8W IP54 ILDEA011 Dark Grey 3000K 310lm Wave Wall Light 7W IP65 ILDEA022 Dark Grey 4000K 320lm Wave Wall Light 7W IP65 ILDEA014 Dark Grey 3000K 320lm Lux Stone Wall Light 8.5W IP54 ILDEA026 Dark Grey 4000K 335lm Lux Stone Wall Light 8.5W IP54 ILBLA017 Dark Grey 3000K 150lm Pathlux Surface Brick Light 3W IP65 ILBLA019 White 4000K 160lm Pathlux Surface Brick Light 3W IP65 Code Base Watts CCT Lumens ILGLSE27DC069 E27 9.5 1800-2700 806 ILGLSB22DC085 B22 9.5 1800-2700 806 ILCANDE14DC056 E14 6 1800-2700 470 ILCANDE27DC057 E27 6 1800-2700 470 ILCANDB22DC058 B22 6 1800-2700 470 ILGOLFE14DC042 E14 6 1800-2700 470 ILGOLFE27DC046 E27 6 1800-2700 470 ILGOLFB22DC047 B22 6 1800-2700 470 Code Rating Colour Temp Lumens Dimmable ILGLSE27NC063 5.2 2700 470 N ILGLSE27NF064 5.2 5000 520 N ILGLSE27NC065 7.2 2700 806 N ILGLSE27NF066 7.2 5000 850 N ILGLSE27NC080 8.5 2700 1055 N ILGLSE27NF081 8.5 5000 1100 N ILGLSB22NC076 5.2 2700 470 N ILGLSB22NF077 5.2 5000 520 N ILGLSB22NC078 7.2 2700 806 N ILGLSB22NF079 7.2 5000 850 N ILGLSE27DC067 7.5 2700 806 Y ILGLSE27DF068 7.5 5000 850 Y Code Watts Colour Temp Casing Function ILBHA037 24W 4000K White - ILBHA038 24W 4000K White 3h Emergency ILBHA039 24W 4000K White Microwave Sensor ILBHA040 24W 4000K White 3h Emergency + Microwave Sensor ILBHA041 24W 4000K Black - ILBHA042 24W 4000K Black 3h Emergency ILBHA043 24W 4000K Black Microwave Sensor ILBHA044 24W 4000K Black 3h Emergency + Microwave Sensor The dimmer the light, the warmer the colour