Independent Electrical Services Product Catalogue 2021

148 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 OCTO - Connected Lighting System All products compatible with all other bluetooth OCTO Casambi devices as part of the OCTO ecosystem • Control outdoor lighting from smart device • Heavy duty screw connections suitable for SWA / outdoor cable types • Waterproof with IP66 rating OCTO Outdoor Controller AOCTO/OC/IP65/200 200W Controller OCTO Lighting App The OCTO lighting app is loaded with helpful content to ensure users get the most from our connected lighting solution. With videos, helpful guides, inspiration and a dedicated area for installers it is the perfect tool to assist in the set up and control of the OCTO system. OCTO IP65 Wireless Smart Switch • Wireless soft outdoor remote control • Advantages of a wireless system, no batteries required maintenance free • Integrated magnet allows it to be stuck on any metallic area • Range - 30 metres AOCTO/BT/WS/IP65 Outdoor Wireless Switch OCTO Indoor Controller • Push-fit loop-in, loop-out terminals for ease and speed of installation • Screw-less design AOCTO/IC/50 150W - Smart Controller AOCTO/IC/200 200W - Smart Controller AOCTO/BT/WS Indoor Wireless Switch OCTO Indoor Wireless Smart Switch • Double Rocker wireless wall switch • Electro-dynamic energy generator, maintenance free • Range - within one room up to 10m line of sight • Double-sided mounting film enclosed screwing onto a fiat surface • Double rocker with medial position, pressed/ released • Multifunctional 4 way bluetooth enabled smart switch • Integrated magnets ensure easy attachment to mounting bracket (supplied with switch) • Range - within one room up to 30m line of sight OCTO Indoor Wireless Xpress Smart Switch AOCTO/XP/WS/W Wireless Switch - White AOCTO/XP/WS/B Wireless Switch - Black OCTO Indoor CCT/RGBW Controller • 12-24V bluetooth smart controller • Compatible with Krait, Boa, Adder & Cobra LED strip • Option to use externally within a waterproof enclosure • Settings easily commissioned by a smart device via the OCTO app AOCTO/RGBW/BTC 12-24V Controller • Bluetooth enabled PIR sensors • Suitable for residential and commercial applications OCTO IP65 Smart PIR Sensor AOCTO/BT/PIR/IP65-S Smart PIR Sensor AOCTO/BT/PIR/IP66/HBSP Racking Aisle AOCTO/BT/PIR/IP66/HBWD Open Area OCTO IP66 Smart High Bay PIR Sensors • Suitable for industrial high bay racking aisle applications with high mounting points (up to 20m) • Suitable for industrial high bay open area applications with high mounting points (up to 14m) • Bluetooth enabled PIR sensor • Infrared PIR dectector and photocell • Fast & easy commissioning via the Casambi app • Double rocker wireless wall switch • High grade technopolymer construction available in 3 finishes:- white, metallic and black • Electro-dynamic energy generator, maintenance free • Range - within one room up to 10m line of sight • Double rocker with medial position, pressed/ released OCTO Indoor Wireless Architectural Smart Switch AOCTO/WS/W Indoor Wireless Switch - White AOCTO/WS/M Indoor Wireless Switch - Metallic AOCTO/WS/B Indoor Wireless Switch - Black OCTO Smart Lamp • Bluetooth enabled smart lamp • Commissioned via OCTO App • CCT control from 2200K to 6900K • Dimmable from 1% to 100% • Comparable output to a 60W Tungsten Halogen • Group & scene settings achieved via OCTO App • Suitable for indoor applications in dry rooms, professional use in public buildings and outdoor use in specially shielded luminaires • LED lifespan L70 25,000 hours AOCTOBTL/8W/E27 E27 8W 2200K-4500K Accessories AOCTOBTL/ADAPTOR/B22 E27 to B22 Adaptor