Independent Electrical Services - Product Catalogue Edition 20

121 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 20 Ansell Lighting Eclipse MultiLED • LED wall/ceiling luminaire with adjustable power and light output option • One product with integral driver dip-switch • Internal CCT selector switch allows the installer to choose CCT between 3000K, 4000K & 6500K • Lumen package options allow retrofit of 28W, 38W or 55W CFL luminaires • Flexibility of performance allows suitability for multiple applications • Spun aluminium base / dished opal Visiluxe diffuser • BESA box fixing versatile mounting options • Option of White, Chrome or Satin Chrome housing • LED lifespan L70 54,000 hours • All polycarbonate multi-purpose LED square bulkhead • LED performance exceeds CFL equivalents • Push fit feed-in, feed-out terminals for speed and ease of installation • Internal CCT selector switch allows the installer to choose the CCT between 3000K and 4000K • Supplied c/w optional trim attachment which provides a more commercially aesthetic appearance • Unique Visiluxe diffuser allows 90% light transmission from LED source for increased performance • Instant light output and unlimited switching • LED lifespan L70 56,000 hours Astro and Delta LED Astro Delta Lynx LED Wallpack • Robust compact wall mounted luminaire for general accent illumination Code Description AMLWPLEDCCT 15W Cool White/Warm White Options /PC Electronic photocell /MWS Integral microwave sensor Helder LED Bulkhead • All polycarbonate circular bulkhead for external applications • Fast loop-in / loop-out connections • Comparable performance to 28W TC-DD • Body options of black or white • Polycarbonate opal diffuser • LED lifespan L70 25,000 hours • Non-dimmable Code Description AHELED/CB Standard 14W Black AHELED/CB/PIR Standard 14W Black - PIR AHELED/EB Eyelid 14W Black AHELED/EB/PIR Eyelid 14W Black - PIR AHELED/OB Oval 14W Black AHELED/OB/PIR Oval 14W Black - PIR For white finish replace “B” with “W” • Robust wall mounted luminaire for general accent illumination • Integral emergency option provides downward illumination with a beam angle of 60° • Die-cast aluminium body with vandal resistant polycarbonate Fresnel lens diffuser • Tamper-proof allen key screws supplied as standard • Multiple conduit entry & BESA box fixing points • Photocell and sensor options • LED lifespan L70 56,000 hours Code Description ALWPLED 29W - Cool White ALWPLED/WW 29W - Warm White Options /PC Electronic Photocell /M3 Emergency /DD Digital Dimming (DD1/DD2/DD3/DD4) /MWS Integral Microwave Sensor Code Description ADLED1/BV/CCT 6W Black Base ADLED1/WV/CCT 6W White Base, ADLED2/BV/CCT 14W Black Base ADLED2/WV/CCT 14W White Base AALED1/BV/CCT 7W Black Base AALED1/WV/CCT 7W White Base AALED2/BV/CCT 14W Black Base AALED2/WV/CCT 14W White Base Options /PC Electronic Photocell /M3 Emergency (14W only) /MWS Integral Microwave Sensor (14W only) Lynx Mini CCT Wallpack • All polycarbonate vandal resistant body with fresnel lens • Tamper-proof allen key screws supplied as standard • Multiple conduit entry and BESA box fixing points • Selectable CCT between • 3000K and 4000K output • LED lifespan L70 56,000 hours Code Description AECLED/W/CCT 11W/14W/25W - White AECLED/CH/CCT 11W/14W/25W - Chrome AECLED/SC/CCT 11W/14W/25W - Satin Chrome Options /M3 Self-Test Emergency /DD Digital Dimming (DD1/DD2/DD3/DD4 - 25W only) /MWS Integral Microwave Sensor • Die-cast aluminium construction with tamper- proof stainless steel allen key screws to retain opal polycarbonate diffuser and frame • One product with integral switches for multi- wattage and selectable CCT options • 18W exceeds performance of 38W TC-DD • 27W exceeds performance of 2x26W PL-C • LED lifespan L70 60,000 hours • Non-dimmable Lucca & Nappa LED CCT Code Description ALUCLED/B Lucca18W/27W Black ALUCLED/G Lucca 18W/27W Graphite ANAPLED/B Nappa 18W/27W Black ANAPLED/G Nappa 18W/27W Graphite Options /PC Electronic Photocell /M3 Emergency /SM3 Self-Test Emergency /DM3 DALI Emergency /MWS Integral Microwave Sensor Lucca Nappa