Industrial Electrical Supplies Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 215 Description Code 10 AMP PLATE SWITCHES 1 gang 2 way - x-rated 5MPLUS-*01 2 gang 2 way - x-rated 5MPLUS-*02 3 gang 2 way - x-rated 5MPLUS-*03 4 gang 2 way - x-rated 5MPLUS-*04 6 gang 2 way - x-rated 5MPLUS-*05 Push switch “press” - x-rated 5MPLUS-*06 1 gang intermediate - x-rated 5MPLUS-*07 3 pole fan isolator - x-rated 5MPLUS-*08 10 AMP TOGGLE SWITCHES 1 gang 2 way toggle switch 5MPLUS-TOG-1 2 gang 2 way toggle switch 5MPLUS-TOG-2 3 gang 2 way toggle switch 5MPLUS-TOG-3 4 gang 2 way toggle switch 5MPLUS-TOG-4 1 gang intermediate toggle switch 5MPLUS-*78 DIMMERS PUSH ON / OFF - NO DERATING 1 gang 2 way 400 watt 5MPLUS-*09 1 gang 2 way 1000 watt 5MPLUS-*12 2 gang 2 way 400 watt 5MPLUS-*10 3 gang 2 way 400 watt 5MPLUS-*11 4 gang 2 way 400 watt 5MPLUS-*14 LED DIMMERS - 5-100W 1 gang 2 way 5MPLUS-*64 2 gang 2 way 5MPLUS-*65 3 gang 2 way 5MPLUS-*66 4 gang 2 way 5MPLUS-*67 EMPTY DIMMER PLATES 1 gang plate with knob 5MPLUS-*70 2 gang plate with knobs 5MPLUS-*71 3 gang plate with knobs 5MPLUS-*72 4 gang plate with knobs 5MPLUS-*73 20 AMP DP SWITCHES 20A DP switch 5MPLUS-*15 20A DP switch with neon 5MPLUS-*16 45 AMP DP SWITCHES 1 gang plate 5MPLUS-*47 1 gang plate with neon 5MPLUS-*17 2 gang plate 5MPLUS-*48 2 gang plate with neon 5MPLUS-*18 13 AMP SOCKET OUTLETS 1 gang switched DP 5MPLUS-*21 2 gang switched SP 5MPLUS-*51 2 gang switched DP + 2 earth terminals 5MPLUS-*22 1 gang switched with neon DP 5MPLUS-*23 2 gang switched with neon DP 5MPLUS-*24 SELECTRIC 5M-PLUS The Selectric 5M-PLUS range is our first screwless design. Featuring a smooth plate with integral gasket, these accessories are easy to install with a simple clip on metal cover. All products fit standard boxes making them ideal for replacing current products. Furthermore the neons in the range are LED, saving on space and cost. FINISHES IN THE 5M-PLUS RANGE ALL WITH SOFT EDGE METAL ROCKERS 5MPLUS-7* Satin Chrome with White Inserts 5MPLUS-2* Satin Chrome with Black Inserts 5MPLUS-1* Satin Chrome with Grey Inserts 5MPLUS-6* Antique Brass with Black Inserts 5MPLUS-9* Matt White with White Insert 5MPLUS-8* Matt Black with Black Inserts 5MPLUS-12* Dark Bronze with Black Inserts Description Code 13 AMP USB SOCKET OUTLETS 1 gang switched with 1 type A USB 5MPLUS-*60 2 gang switched with 2 type A USB 5MPLUS-*61 2 gang switched with 1 type A & 1 type C 5MPLUS-*63 SHAVER SUPPLY UNITS Dual Voltage 5MPLUS-*32 ROUND PIN SOCKET OUTLETS - WITH SHUTTERS 2A 3 pin 5MPLUS-*25 5A 3 pin 5MPLUS-*26 FUSED CONNECTION UNITS 13A unswitched 5MPLUS-*27 13A DP switched 5MPLUS-*28 13A DP switched with neon 5MPLUS-*29 13 amp DP switched with neon & flex outlet 5MPLUS-*30 45 AMP COOKER UNITS with 13 amp switched socket 5MPLUS-*49 with 13 amp switched socket with neons 5MPLUS-*31 CABLE OUTLETS / CONNECTORS 20 amp with centre and side entry 5MPLUS-*46 TV/FM & SATELLITE SOCKETS 1 gang TV 5MPLUS-*33 2 gang TV/FM 5MPLUS-*34 1 gang satellite 5MPLUS-*35 2 gang satellite 5MPLUS-*45 2 gang satellite (1 x satellite, 1 x TV/FM) 5MPLUS-*36 3 gang satellite (1 x satellite, 2 x TV/FM) 5MPLUS-*37 COMMUNICATION / DATA SOCKETS 1 gang master 5MPLUS-*38 1 gang secondary 5MPLUS-*39 1 gang RJ45 (Computer / Data) 5MPLUS-*40 2 gang RJ45 (Computer / Data) 5MPLUS-*41 1 gang RJ11 (Computer / Data) 5MPLUS-*44 BLANKING PLATES 1 gang 5MPLUS-*42 2 gang 5MPLUS-*43