Gough Electrical Product Catalogue

9 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 22 CONDUIT TUBE Deta TTE is a market leading brand of electrical conduit tube and accessories, combining the Top Tubes Electrical and Stephen Glover businesses, with over 50 years experience in supplying the UK, Middle East and global markets. Deta TTE has become the specification of choice, proving a reliable and best in class cable protection solution that is fully compliant with rigorous British Standards. CONDUIT FITTINGS The Deta TTE range of conduit fittings provide all the accessories required for cable management installations. Available in an extensive range of sizes, all malleable fittings are manufactured to BS468 and BS EN 61386 standard, galvanised after manufacture and meet the most demanding Class 4 protection standard. The range also includes an array of pressed steel and brass accessories manufactured to the highest quality to allow for an efficient, time saving and reliable installation. Product Product Code CONDUIT TUBE BS EN 61386 Class 4 Galvanised Ink Jet Conduit Tube 20mm x 3 metre lengths DT20300 25mm x 3 metre lengths DT25300 20mm x 3.75 metre lengths DT20375 25mm x 3.75 metre lengths DT25375 Product Product Code CONDUIT TUBE Circular Conduit Boxes DT20300 Terminal Box 20mm 1 way DT21120G Terminal Box 25mm 1 way DT21125G Through Box 20mm 2 way DT22120G Through Box 25mm 2 way DT22125G Tee Box 20mm 3 way DT23120G Tee Box 25mm 3 way DT23125G Angle Box 20mm DT25120G Angle Box 25mm DT25125G U Box 20mm Branched 2 way DT26120G U Box 25mm Branched 2 way DT26125G COUPLERS Solid Coupler GV 20mm DT31120G Solid Coupler GV 25mm DT31125G BOX LIDS Box Lid Light GV 20/25mm DT32201G BRASS BUSHES Brass Bush Male Short 20mm DT40120 Brass Bush Male Short 25mm DT40125 Brass Bush Male Long 20mm DT40220 Brass Bush Male Long 25mm DT40225 Brass Bush Female 20mm DT40320 Brass Bush Female 25mm DT40325 SADDLES Spacer Bar Saddle ZP 20mm DT34020Z Spacer Bar Saddle ZP 25mm DT34025Z Spacer Bar Saddle White 20mm DT34020WH Spacer Bar Saddle White 25mm DT34025WH Heavy Distance Saddle 20mm DT34120G Heavy Distance Saddle 25mm DT34125G www.deta.co.uk