Gough Electrical Product Catalogue

50 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 22 AMENDMENT 2 DEVICES CUDIS OFFERS... • 5 year warranty on selected lines • One to one technical support • Contractor product training • Surge protection advice & training • Site surveys • Great quality and service • Ongoing product improvement • New product development TYPE 2 SURGE PROTECTION DEVICES Description Part Number Earthing Arrangement 1 Module, 2 Pole Type 2 for single phase SPD-SM1PNEC2 TN-C-S, TN-S & TT earthing 1 Module, 1 Pole Type 2 for single phase SPD-1PC2 TN-C-S earthing 2 Module, 2 Pole Type 2 for single phase SPD-2PC2 TN-S earthing 2 Module, 1 Pole & N Surge Module, Type 2 for single phase SPD-1PNEC2 TT earthing 3 Module, 3 Pole Type 2 for three phase SPD-3PC2 TN-C-S earthing 4 Module, 4 Pole Type 2 for three phase SPD-4PC2 TN-S earthing 4 Module, 3 Pole & N Surge Module, Type 2 for three phase SPD-3PNEC2 TT earthing TYPE A RCD & RCBOS Description Part Number RC RCDs, 2 pole,, 6kA, 30-300mA, 25-100A RC2xx/xxxA RC RCDs, 4 pole,, 6kA, 30-300mA, 25-100A RC4xx/xxxA ROM RCBO 1 pole, miniature, 6kA, B or C curve, 6-40A ROM-1xxx/030A ROM+ RCBO, 1 Pole, 10kA, B Curve, 50A & 63A ROM+1xxB/030A ROSB RCBO, 1 pole, 10kA, B or C curve, 6-50A ROSB-1xxx/030A RO2 RCBO, 2 Pole, 10kA, B or C curve, 6-63A RO2-xxx/030A SPD WIRING KITS FOR BOTH SINGLE PHASE TYPE 1+2 AND TYPE 2 SPDS Description Part Number SPD Kit with cabling & 2 pin busbar SPD-1PH-1-KIT SPD Kit with cabling, 2 pin busbar & single pole 63A 10kA rated protective MCB SPD-1PH-2-KIT THE AWARD WINNING & INNOVATIVE LUMO® LED CONSUMER UNIT RANGE Description Part Number 1 Pole & switched neutral, 6A B Curve, 30mA AFDD-RCBO AF2-106B 1 Pole & switched neutral, 10A B Curve, 30mA AFDD-RCBO AF2-110B 1 Pole & switched neutral, 16A B Curve, 30mA AFDD-RCBO AF2-116B 1 Pole & switched neutral, 20A B Curve, 30mA AFDD-RCBO AF2-120B 1 Pole & switched neutral, 32A B Curve, 30mA AFDD-RCBO AF2-132B 1 Pole & switched neutral, 40A B Curve, 30mA AFDD-RCBO AF2-140B SINGLE MODULE AFDD-RCBO DELIVERING INNOVATION