Gough Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 178 Lightning and Surge protection for electrical and electronic systems to the new British and European Standard BS EN62305. Surge Protection Devices Ltd offer the complete solution to protect vital systems from damage. Recently introduced standards put equal importance on protecting the electrical installation and electrical equipment inside the building itself. The selection of SPD types is mostly governed by BS EN62305. This standard is the lightning protection standard and it states the need for Type 1 devices at the main incomer of a building with an external lightning protection system or a building fed by overhead power lines. BS7671:2018 is mainly concerned with Type 2 and Type 3 devices. As Type 1 devices are mandatory from BSEN 62305 mentioned above, this supersedes BS7671. Type 2 devices are designed to be installed on the main incomer of buildings with no lightning protection system and buildings that are underground fed, or on sub distribution boards. Type 3 devices are used to protect specific pieces of equipment, such as, PLC's, CCTV and telephone lines. BS7671: THE 18TH EDITION WIRING REGULATIONS SY2C40XLED THREE PHASE (Comm, Ind) SY1C40XLED SINGLE PHASE (Comm, Ind) SY12350KA4P THREE PHASE (Dom, Comm, Ind) SY12325KA2P SINGLE PHASE (Dom, Comm, Ind) Is the supply three phase or single phase? SY2-D DOMESTIC WWW.SURGEDEVICES.CO.UK SURGE PROTECTION SELECTION CHART EL: 01484 851747 Is the supply three phase/single phase or is it a domestic installation? Does the building have an external lightning protection system or is fed by overhead power lines? SURGE PROTECTION SELECTION CHART THE SPECIALISTS IN SURGE PROTECTION