Gough Electrical Product Catalogue

126 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 22 www.deta.co.uk Product Product Code HAND DRYERS 1.0kW Compact High Speed Heavy Duty - White 1011WH 1.0kW Compact High Speed Heavy Duty - Stainless Steel 1011SS 1.1kW Low Energy Hand Dryer - White 1016WH 1.1kW Low Energy Hand Dryer - Silver 1016SL 2.3kW Compact automatic - White 1001WH 1.8kW high speed heavy duty - White 1019WH 1.8kW high speed heavy duty - Chrome 1019CH 1.8kW high speed - White 1012WH 1.8kW high speed - Stainless Steel 1012SS AXIAL FANS 100MM (4”) Standard 4600 Timer 4601 Timer and humidistat 4603 AXIAL FANS 150MM (6”) Standard 4660 Timer 4661 Humidistat and shutter 4666* FLAT FASCIA AXIAL FANS 100MM (4”) Standard 4630 Timer 4631 LOW VOLTAGE AXIAL FANS 100MM (4”) 12V low voltage fan and timer 4616 12V low voltage fan with timer and humidistat 4617 SHOWER FANS 100MM (4”) Shower fan kit and timer 4640 Shower fan kit with timer & LED light - white & chrome cover supplied 4641 FLEXIBLE DUCTING 100mm (4”) 3m length 4820 150mm (6”) 3m length 4880 4" PVC Ducting 6 metres 4827 6" PVC Ducting 6 metres 4887 WALL FIXING KITS 100mm (4”) wall fixing kit 4824 150mm (6”) wall fixing kit 4884 EXTERNAL GRILLES WHITE BROWN 100mm (4”) gravity grille 4821WH 4821BR 100mm (4”) fixed grille 4822WH 4822BR 150mm (6”) gravity grille 4881WH 4881BR 150mm (6”) fixed grille 4882WH 4882BR ACCESSORIES WHITE BROWN 100mm 4" External Hood 4831WH 4831BR 150mm 6" External Hood 4891WH 4891BR 100mm 4” Back Draught Shutter 4845 Quick Lock Clamp 100-150mm 4846 Aluminium+PET Tape for Flexi Ducts - 10m 4849 VENTILATION Ventilation includes an extensive range of 4” and 6” extractor fans and accessories that are designed to seamlessly blend into the environment and are suitable for various applications, including kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Slim profile fans are designed to be highly energy efficient and quiet to meet ventilation requirements, with user adjustable timer and humidistat options providing a level of automation to the user and ensuring effective ventilation. HAND DRYERS Deta Hand Dryers are high speed and energy saving and dry hands quicker than conventional hand dryers, improving hygiene and eco efficiency, reducing energy consumption. ACCESSORIES