Golita Supplies Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 38 INSTALLATION MATERIALS BOXES VIMARK PATTRESS BOXES INSTALLATION MATERIALS IM1602 Screwless Connector Box CHOCBOX 2 DRY LINING BOXES BRASS SWA GLANDS CABLE CLIPS IM1411 20mm S (10 Pack) IM1412 20mm (10 Pack) IM1412 25mm (10 Pack) NYLON GLANDS Fire Rated T&E Cable Clips IM1122GR 1.5mm (100 Pack) IM1124GR 2.5mm (100 Pack) IM1126GR 4.0mm (100 Pack) IM1127GR 6.0mm (100 Pack) Round Clips IM1131 3-5mm (100 Pack) IM1132 5-7mm (100 Pack) IM1133 7-10mm (100 Pack) IM1134 10-14mm (100 Pack) IM1135 14-20mm (50 Pack) IM1234BK 4.8mm x 300mm Black (100 Pack) IM1234NU 4.8mm x 300mm Neutral (100 Pack) CABLE TIES GROMMETS • 50% more wiring space than Chocbox • Supplied with 11 Way 221 Mounting Tray • Screwless design to speed up installation • Compliant with BS EN 60695-2-11:2014 IM1611 3A (10 Pack) IM1612 5A (10 Pack) IM1613 15A (10 Pack) CONNECTOR STRIPS 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm and 90mm sizes also available. METAL BACK BOXES Deta offers a range of assembled installationmaterials designedwith the professional electrician inmind. All products aremanufactured under strict quality controls and in accordance with the latest standards. Products within the range come with a 1 year guarantee. • The original, safe and simple solution to protect and insulate electrical connections • Accommodates a range of connector sizes from 3A to 30A • Fixing holes suitable for surface mounting • Manufactured from flame retardant polypropylene • Soft and flexible easy cut design • Captive, backed out terminal screws to improve installation efficiency 1 Gang 2 Gang DB152 16mm DB163 25mm DB162 25mm DB165 35mm DB164 35mm DB168 47mm DB166 Dual 35mm DB170 2 + 1G 35mm DB167 47mm Open Standard Closed Standard Open Quick Fit Closed Quick Fit 20mm (100 Pack) IM1301 IM1311 IM1321 IM1331 25mm (50 Pack) IM1302 IM1312 IM1322 IM1332 32mm (25 00Pack) IM1303 IM1313 IM1323 IM1333 1 Gang 2 Gang V1221 V1223 25mm V1222 V1224 33mm V1228 V1229 45mm 1 Gang 2 Gang DB2540 DB2541 35mm DB2542 DB2543 45mm DB2547 DB2548 35mm Lipless Available in White (WH), Black (BK), Grey (GR) and Red (RD) BW PVC Indoor BW LSF Indoor CW PVC Indoor & Outdoor CW LSF Indoor & Outdoor 20mm S (2 Pack) DTG3501 DTG3511 DTG3521 DTG3531 20mm (2 Pack) DTG3502 DTG3512 DTG3522 DTG3532 25mm (2 Pack) DTG3503 DTG3513 DTG3523 DTG3533 T&E Cable Clips IM1111GR 1.0mm (100 Pack) IM1112GR 1.5mm (100 Pack) IM1113GR 1.5mm Double (100 Pack) IM1114GR 2.5mm (100 Pack) IM1115GR 2.5mm Double (100 Pack) IM1116GR 4.0mm (100 Pack) IM1117GR 6.0mm (100 Pack) IM1118GR 10.0mm (100 Pack) IM1119GR 16.0mm (100 Pack) IM1191 1.5mm & 2.5mm (400+400 Tub) IM1192 1.5mm & 2.5mm T&E + 2.5mm FR (400+400+200 Tub) Available in White (WH), Black (BK), Brown (BR) and Red (RD) 2.5mm, 3.6mm, 4.8mm, 7.6mm, 8.8mm and 12.7mm cable ties, cable tie bases and cradles and stainless steel cable ties also available. IM1601 Chocbox IM1614 30A (10 Pack) IM1615 60A (5 Pack) www.deta.co.uk