Golita Supplies Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 21 STERLING CURVE Sterling Curve is a sleek data compliant medium sized trunking system with three segregated compartments. The adaptable system has 1 or 2 curved data compartments designed to stop clutter, avoid dust traps and to make cleaning easy. Manufactured using 53% recycled material (System 1) and 51% recycled material (System 2). Code Description Pack Qty Trunking Assembly - 167 x 50mm CEP1MWH Curve Profile 1 – Curved top/bottom 1 x 3m CEP2MWH Curve Profile 2 – Curved top/square bottom 1 x 3m Coupler CECP1MWH Curve Profile 1 Coupler 2 CECP2MWH Curve Profile 2 Coupler 2 End Caps CEECP1MWH Curve Profile 1 End cap 2 CEECP2MRHWH Curve Profile 2 End cap right hand 2 CEECP2MLHWH Curve Profile 2 End cap left hand 2 Internal and External Bends CEIBP1MWH Curve Profile 1 Internal bend 2 CEXBP1MWH Curve Profile 1 External bend 2 CEIBP2MWH Curve Profile 2 Internal bend 2 CEXBP2MWH Curve Profile 2 External bend 2 Flat Angle CEFA1MBWH Curve Profile 1 Flat angle 1 CEFA2UMBWH Curve Profile 2 Flat angle up 1 Flat Tee CEFT1MBWH Curve Profile 1 Flat tee 1 CEFT2MBWH Curve Profile 2 Flat tee 1 ODYSSEY Odyssey is a three-compartment trunking with a completely curved front profile designed with tamper resistant covers and flush accessories to enhance the finished appearance. Odyssey’s curved profile is easy to clean and prohibits surface clutter. Manufactured using 62% recycled material. Code Description Pack Qty DD1WH Odyssey trunking assembly – 180 x 57mm 1 x 3m DD1210WH Coupler 1 DD1230WH End cap 2 DD1310WH Internal bend 1 DD1350WH External bend 1 DD1330WH Internal bend adjustable 1 DD1370WH External bend adjustable 1 DD1410WH Flat angle 1 DD1430WH Flat tee 1 Code Description Pack Qty EPM20WH Sterling Compact Trunking Assembly 1 x 3m EMT20WH Trunking Base inc 2 Angled Outer Covers 4 x 3m ETL1WH Main Compartment Cover 8 x 3m EC20WH Coupler 2 EEC20WH End Cap 2 EIB20WH Internal Bend 2 EXB20WH External Bend 2 EFA20MWH Flat Angle - Up/Down 1 EFT20MWH Flat Tee - Up/Down 1 STERLING COMPACT CEP1MWH CEP2MWH Sterling Compact is an economical and stylish three-compartment trunking, at 140 x 50mm it is designed to fit within areas that may have trunking height restrictions. Manufactured using 54% recycled material. PowerPoles and Posts are a practical solution for the management of power, data and communication services to island workstations. • Aluminium body for strength & rigidity with PVC-U covers • Supplied with 6 accessory plates • Maximum pole height is 3686mm (250mm adjustable slide) • Overall height of PowerPost is 692mm (inc. cap) • Pack Quantity : 1 POWERPOLES AND POWERPOSTS Code Description Finish POWERPOLE PP36001ANWH Double sided square Anodised body / white fittings PP36001WHWH Double sided square White body / white fittings POWERPOST PP685ANWH Double sided square Anodised body / white fittings PP685WHWH Double sided square White body / white fittings PP685WHWH PP36001WHWH