Golita Supplies Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 177 PROTEGO CONSUMER UNITS (ISOLATOR CONTROLLED - RIGHT HAND INCOMER) SURGE PROTECTION KIT Specification - • Type 2, 40kA Imax • Earthing system - TN-S / TN-C-S • Live located at bottom for ease of install • Supplied with E&N cables • If the incoming supply is protected by, equal to or less than a 125A fuse no MCB is required Third Party Certification Part No. Description Qty PCU0402M 4 Module 2 Way 100A DP Isolator 1 PCU0604M 6 Module 4 Way 100A DP Isolator 1 PCU1008M 10 Module 8 Way 100A DP Isolator 1 PCU1412M 14 Module 12 Way 100A DP Isolator 1 PCU1816M 18 Module 16 Way 100A DP Isolator 1 PCU2220M 22 Module 20 Way 125A DP Isolator 1 PCU2824M* 28 Module 24 Way 125A DP Isolator 1 PCU3632M* 36 Module 32 Way 125A DP Isolator 1 Part No. Description Earth Type Modules Qty NSA2-240 1P + N 230V AC TN-S/TN-C-S 1 1 Our Surge Protection range is specifically designed to be 18th Edition Compliant for protection against lightning strikes & power surges. See our full range of SPD’s, Consumer units, Circuit breakers, Fuses & much more at - www.niglon.co.uk You asked, we listened! The NEW Protego Circuit Protection range of metal consumer units are here. Offering unrivalled solutions for your electrical installations. Visit www.niglon.co.uk for further details. Specification - • IP20 • BS EN 61439-3 • Dual Terminal Mains Switch (no clamping required) • T2 Surge protection compatible/optional • Deeper board with ample wiring space Third Party Certification COLLECTION PCU2220M * Double stacked unit