Golita Supplies Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 122 ** Tri-Colour is 3000K/4000K/6000K (CCT Switchable) BESA MOUNTING QUICK RELEASE DIFFUSER TRI COLOUR OPTIONS 120 LM/CW EFFICACY Product Code Description QPAC-20-1200NW 1200mm, 20W, 4000K QPAC-40-1200NW 1200mm, 40W, 4000K QPAC-30-1500NW 1500mm, 30W, 4000K QPAC-60-1500NW 1500mm, 60W, 4000K Product Code Description QPAC-30-1500TC 1500mm, 30W, Tri-Colour* QPAC-60-1500TC 1500mm, 60W, Tri-Colour* QPAC-40-1800NW 1800mm, 40W, 4000K QPAC-67-1800NW 1800mm, 67W, 4000K Add /EM For Emergency; add /MS for Microwave Sensor; add /ME For Both * Tri-Colour is 3000K/4000K/6000K (CCT Switchable) QPAC LINEAR BATTEN (VARIOUS OPTIONS) IP66 1m CABLE FLEX PIR OPTIONS TRI COLOUR 10/20W 30W 50W Product Code Description QFLOOD-10TC 10W, Tri-Colour* QFLOOD-20TC 20W, Tri-Colour* QFLOOD-30TC 30W, Tri-Colour* QFLOOD-50TC 50W, Tri-Colour* Product Code Description QFLOOD-PIR-RC Remote Control PIR QFLOOD-PIR-DIAL Dial Control PIR QFLOOD-PIR-REMOTE Remote for PIR Tri-colour - Simply remove the end cap to access the switch * Tri-Colour is 3000K/4000K/6000K (CCT Switchable) PIR Attachments QFLOOD TRI-COLOUR RESIDENTIAL IP65 DIE-CAST HOUSING 170 LM/CW EFFICACY 1.5m CABLE FLEX NEW & IMPROVED Product Code Description GU-170-100CW/EC 100W, 6000K GU-170-150CW/EC 150W, 6000K Product Code Description GU-170-200CW/EC 200W, 6000K GU-170-240CW/EC 240W, 6000K Add /EM for Emergency; add /MS for Microwave Sensor; add /ME for both Various Accessories Also Available GLOW UFO INDUSTRIAL HIGH BAY IP65 QUAD COLOUR TRAILINGEDGE DIMMING BS476-21 (30/60/90 MIN) Product Code Description SFR-LITE-WS-CS Wattage Switchable (4/6/8W), Quad-Colour*, 30/60/90 Minute Fire Rated *Quad-Colour is 2700K/3000K/4000K/6000K (CCT Switchable) Product Code Description SFR-BLK Black Bezel SFR-POLISH Polished Bezel Product Code Description SFR-BRUSHED Brushed Bezel SFR-BRASS Brass Bezel Magnetic Bezels (White as Standard) MULTI-POWER 4W / 6W / 8W SFR LITE FIRE RATED DOWNLIGHT IP65 SLIM PROFILE RAISED GEAR TRAY WATTAGE SWITCHABLE Product Code Description TAU-S-WS-315TC Wattage Switchable (10/13/16/20W)*, Tri-Colour** TAU-S-EYELID Half-Moon Attachment Add /EM for Emergency; add /MS for Microwave Sensor; add /ME for both * Microwave sensor models are only switchable between 13W & 16W TAURUS SLIM SURFACE BULKHEAD WWW.QVIS.CO.UK