Flamingo Enterprises Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 96 0~10 Voltage 65 IP Rating IK Rating 08 CIRCULAR HIGH BAYS PLUG & PLAY - SENSOR READY Code Description Optional Plug and Play - Modules and Sensors ILHBAR310 Microwave Sensor ILHBAR311 Microwave Sensor Remote Control ILHBAR312 Casambi BLE Module ILHBAR313 TUYA BLE Module ILHBAR314 TUYA ZIGBEE Module Code Description Optional - Reflectors and Lens Cover ILHBAR318 Aluminium Reflector 85° ILHBAR319 PC Reflector 85° ILHBAR320 Lens Cover 60° Code Description Mounting Brackets ILHBAR316 100W/150W Model ILHBAR317 200W Model Code Description Emergency Conversion Kit ILHBAR315 3 Hour Emergency Conversion Pack EFFORTLESSLY BRING SMART SOLUTIONS TO INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS Code Lumens Watts Efficacy ILHBC310 16,500lm 100W 165lm/W ILHBC315 24,750lm 150W 165lm/W ILHBC320 33,000lm 200W 165lm/W Code Watts Control Colour Temp Lumens Size mm Non-Dimmable ILFLD330 50W TUYA App RGB+W (4000K) 5000lm 227 x 170 x 41 ILFLD331 50W Remote RGB+W (4000K) 5000lm 227 x 170 x 41 ILFLD335 100W TUYA App RGB+W (4000K) 10000lm 355 x 245 x 55 ILFLD336 100W Remote RGB+W (4000K) 10000lm 355 x 245 x 55 Code Description ILFLC240 IP67 1000lm 10W 4000K PIR 120° Non-dimmable 100lm/W Black ILFLC246 IP67 2000lm 20W TUYA 3000/4000/6500K 120° Non-dimmable 100lm/W Black ILFLC252 IP67 3000lm 30W TUYA 3000/4000/6500K PIR 120° Non- dimmable 100lm/W Black • Slim low profile design • Aluminium Body • Corrosion protected • Up to 7000Lm • CCT Switchable • PIR control • TUYA App versions • 2m Pre-wired cable RF Remote Control Tuya Smart App COLOUR FLOODLIGHT SUPER SLIM 2 FLOODLIGHT