Flamingo Enterprises Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 54 www.timeguard.com Night Eye Plus Floodlights are a unique Timeguard registered design offering stand alone IP65 Floodlight installation or optional Plug & Play PIR and Photocell linkable controls to fit all variants. Timeguard have upgraded the popular LED100/200 series of LED Energy Saving PIR Floodlights with even more benefits and features. With a compact design, greater lumen output and of course our Fast-Fix pin connection for quick installation. PLUG & PLAY WITH LEDPRO LED PIR FLOODLIGHTS LEDPRO10B LEDPROSLB LEDPRO30B LEDPRO70B LEDPROPCB LEDPROCAM LEDPRO20WH LEDPRO50WH LEDPRO100WH LEDPRORFKWH LEDPROFOB LED100PIRBE LED200PIRBE LED100PIRWHE LED200PIRWHE Product Code Description LEDPRO10B 10W LED Rewireable Floodlight - Black LEDPRO10WH 10W LED Rewireable Floodlight - White LEDPRO20B 20W LED Rewireable Floodlight - Black LEDPRO20WH 20W LED Rewireable Floodlight - White LEDPRO30B 30W LED Rewireable Floodlight - Black LEDPRO30WH 30W LED Rewireable Floodlight - White LEDPRO50B 50W LED Rewireable Floodlight - Black LEDPRO50WH 50W LED Rewireable Floodlight - White LEDPRO70B 70W LED Rewireable Floodlight - Black LEDPRO70WH 70W LED Rewireable Floodlight - White LEDPRO100B 100W LED Rewireable Floodlight - Black LEDPRO100WH 100W LED Rewireable Floodlight - White LEDPROSLB Dedicated PIR Detector for LEDPRO Range - Black LEDPROSLWH Dedicated PIR Detector for LEDPRO Range - White LEDPROPCB Dedicated Photocell for LEDPRO Range - Black LEDPROPCWH Dedicated Photocell for LEDPRO Range - White LEDPRORFKB Dedicated LEDPRO RF PIR Remote Kit - Black LEDPRORFKWH Dedicated LEDPRO RF PIR Remote Kit - White LEDPROFOB LEDPRO RF Remote Fob (For Manual Override) LEDPROCAM LEDPROWi-Fi PIR Camera System LED100PIRBP/WHP LED Compact Floodlight Single FloodWith PIR „ Powerful 1x 8.5W LED slimline floodlight, single flood. „ Pan and tilt light aiming adjustment. „ Ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. „ IP55 weatherproof rating. „ Easy installation with Fast-fix terminal block connections. LED200PIRBP/WHP LED Compact Floodlight Twin FloodWith PIR „ Powerful 2x 8.5W LED slimline floodlight, twin flood. „ Pan and tilt light aiming adjustment. „ 180˚ PIR with 10m detection range. „ IP55 weatherproof rating. „ Parallel switching for multiple PIR control.