Flamingo Enterprises Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 26 MINI TRUNKING CONDUIT • 3m lengths • Wide range of accessories available Fitting Size 16 x 16mm 25 x 16mm 38 x 16mm 38 x 25mm 38 x 38mm Coupler MTC1W MTC2W MTC3W MTC4W IC38W Stop end MSE1W MSE2W MSE3W MSE4W MSE5W Flat angle MFA1W MFA2W MFA3W MFA4W MFA5W External angle MEA1W MEA2W MEA3W MEA4W MEA5W Internal angle MIA1W MIA2W MIA3W MIA4W MIA5W Flat tee MFT11W MFT22W MFT33W MFT44W MFT55W • Super high impact uPVC • Wide range of accessories Description Diameter Length Code Pack Qty White Black Round 20mm 3m RNG20W RNG20B 90m Round 25mm 3m RNG25W RNG25B 90m Round 32mm 3m RNG32W RNG32B 30m Oval 12mm 3m OVL12W 150m Oval 16mm 3m OVL16W 150m Oval 20mm 3m OVL20W 150m Oval 25mm 3m OVL25W 150m Oval 32mm 3m OVL32W 75m Oval 38mm 3m OVL38W 75m Channel 12mm 2m CHN12W 150m Channel 25mm 2m CHN25W 150m Channel 38mm 2m CHN38W 100m • Surface mount and junction boxes • Dry lining and cavity wall boxes • Couplings, reducers & saddles • Fixing Clips Size Code Pack Qty Standard Self Adhesive 16 x 16mm EM1W SA1W 90m 25 x 16mm EM2W SA2W 90m 38 x 16mm EM3W SA3W 45m 38 x 25mm EM4W SA4W 45m 38 x 38mm EM5W SA5W 45m 50 x 30mm MID30W 30m 50 x 50mm MID50W 18m For our full range visit our website www.schneider-electric.com/uk • Spring Clip Saddles • Adaptors, bushes & lockrings • Inspection Bends, Elbows and Tees CONDUIT ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE INCLUDE:-