Flamingo Enterprises Electrical Product Catalogue Edition 23

A I EW Membe r P roduc t Cata l ogue Ed i t i on 23 24 COILED CABLE ROLLERS The mobile unwinding tool for cable coils. With the VARIO SLIM you can uncoil tightly coiled materials with smaller inner diateters and dereel them from the centre without twisting. VARIO VARIO SLIM THE CLOU Product code Product description SFX/ACC-DRUM-CLOU-MOVE Drum-Roll Clou Move uncoiler wheels A complete set of 3pcs, these wheels are suitable for the Clou models, and assist with quick changes of location and manoeuvrability. SFX/ACC-DRUM-CLOU-FIX Drum-Roll Clou Fix uncoiler fixings - with storage bag The set consists of three parts that are pushed onto the CLOU models’ supporting arm to hold the products in place, to aid where certain types of tubes and cables cannot be packaged in a film. SFX/ACC-DRUM-CLOU-UP Drum-Roll Clou Up uncoiler base fixings to raise up Three extendable feet provide a slip-resistant and solid stand. The new CLOU UP accessory makes it possible to create a solid base for the clou cable uncoilers – even on uneven surfaces. CLOU ACCESSORIES Product code Product description SFX/ACC-DRUM-CLOU Drum-Roll Clou uncoiler - Including carry bag SFX/ACC-DRUM-CLOU-SLIM Drum-Roll Clou Slim uncoiler - Including carry bag SFX/ACC-DRUM-CLOU-XL Drum-Roll Clou XL uncoiler - Including carry bag Product code Product description SFX/ACC-DRUM-FLEXIPASS Drum-Roll Flexipass cable routing solution FLEXIPASS The FLEXIPASS can be used for cables up to a diameter of 38mm, it’s smoothrunning guide rollers helps to prevent any damage or snagging to cables being pulled through cable trays for example. CARRY REELS LIKE A PROFESSIONAL Product code Product description SFX/ACC-DRUM-CARRYGRIP Drum-Roll handling carrying system (Set = 2pcs) Delivered in a set of 2, the manual carrying system CARRYGRIP offers you everything you need for flexible, ergonomic and safe handling of reels on the construction site. Maximum Reel Ø 600mm. Product code Product description SFX/ACC-DRUM-VARIO-SLIM Drum-Roll Vario uncoiler slim SFX/ACC-DRUM-VARIO Drum-Roll Vario uncoiler The optimal unwinding tool for coiled products. Maximum Coil Ø 750mm THE CLOU SLIM THE CLOU XL The unwinding tool for smaller coiled products. Maximum Coil Ø 750mm The unwinding tool for largest coiled products. Maximum Coil Ø 1,000mm Clou Move Clou Up Clou Fix CARRYGRIP