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AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 19 EUROPA www.europacomponents.com Europa Switch Disconnectors Code Description LB204P 20A (AC21) 4 Pole (Box size 1) LB254P 25A (AC21) 4 Pole (Box size 1) LB324P 32A (AC21) 4 Pole (Box size 1) LB404P 40A (AC21) 4 Pole (Box size 1) LB634P 63A (AC21) 4 Pole (Box size 2) LB804P 80A (AC21) 4 Pole (Box size 2) LB1004P 100A (AC21) 4 Pole (Box size 3) LB1254P 125A AC21) 4 Pole (Box size 3) Domestic Fuses Code Description 50-030-04/1A 1A Plug Top Fuse 50-030-04/2A 2A Plug Top Fuse 50-030-04/3A 3A Plug Top Fuse 50-030-04/5A 5A Plug Top Fuse 50-030-04/7A 7A Plug Top Fuse 50-030-04/10A 10A Plug Top Fuse 50-030-04/13A 13A Plug Top Fuse Plug Top Fuses (BS1362) TDC180 • EN 60947 compliant • Switches CB, CE & SEMKO UL508 certified • Interlocking lid ensures removal in OFF position only • Padlockable for added security Europa Components has a huge selection of fuses available ranging from BS88 Fuses to Miniature Glass and Ceramic Fuses to American Fuses . Whatever your fuse requirement ask Europa first, for a quick and efficient response Europa Fuses Code Description LB254PBB 25A (AC21) 4 Pole (Box size 2) = more wiring space LB324PBB 32A (AC21) 4 Pole (Box size 2) = more wiring space LB404PBB 40A (AC21) 4 Pole (Box size 2 ) = more wiring space Larger Enclosed Switch Disconnectors • EN 60947 compliant • Padlockable for added security • Switches CB, CE & SEMKO UL508 certified • Interlocking lid ensures removal in OFF position only • Dimensions: H: 175mm x W: 125mm x D: 90mm (134mm incl. handle) Code Description BL1 1A BL2 2A BL3 3A BL5 5A For Plugs & Outlet Adaptors to BS646 (TDC17) IP44 Industrial Plugs & Sockets Code Description RCD13A1GS Plastic RCD 13A Single Unswitched Socket RCD13AP1GS Plastic RCD 13A Single Switched Socket RCD13ASS Plastic RCD 13A Double Switched Socket RCD13AMC1GS Metal Clad RCD 13A Single Switched Socket RCD13AMC Metal Clad RCD 13A Double Switched Socket ECWSK1 1 Gang Socket Enclosure ECWSK2 2 Gang Socket Enclosure ECWSK21 2 x 1 Gang Socket Enclosure Code Colour Size 1LCR608 SINGLE 6 - 8mm 1LCW608 1LCB608 1LCR911 9 - 11mm 1LCW911 1LCB911 1LCR682 DOUBLE 6 - 8mm 1LCW682 1LCB682 1LCR9112 9 - 11mm 1LCW9112 1LCB9112 E WORLD’S EST, SIMPLEST CLIP? l than traditional methods Standard, BSEN50200 & meets d Cable Fixings BS7671 Amendment 3 sts llation & enables tidy finshes NOW AVAILABLE! (For Enhanced Soft Skin Cabling ) NCLIP.CO.UK New 9-11mm Double LINIAN Fire Clip LINIAN Safety Fireclips 18TH EDITION COMPLIANT RCD Sockets and Enclosures Mechanically latching (Passive) sockets will not trip in the event of a power failure Type Code Voltage Amperage No. of Poles IS163F 110V 16A 2P + E IS323F 110V 32A 2P + E IS163P 230V 16A 2P + E IS323P 230V 32A 2P + E IS164N 415V 16A 3P + E IS324N 415V 32A 3P + E IS165N 415V 16A 3P + N + E IS325N 415V 32A 3P + N + E IP163F 110V 16A 2P + E IP323F 110V 32A 2P + E IP163P 230V 16A 2P + E IP323P 230V 32A 2P + E IP164N 415V 16A 3P + E IP324N 415V 32A 3P + E IP165N 415V 16A 3P + N + E IP325N 415V 32A 3P + N + E Sockets Plugs