Blackpool Electrical Traders Product Catalogue

AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 21 96 AIE Me ber Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 22 TELEVISION CABLES, CONNECTORS & EXTENDERS Code Description 26057ST 1.5m Satellite Flylead 26058ST 3m Satellite Flylead 26001ST 1.5m Coax Flylead with Coupler 26004ST 5m Coax Flylead with Coupler 26005ST 10m Coax Flylead with Coupler 18293ST HDMI Coupler 26602ST 1m HDMI Cable 26606ST 3m HDMI Cable 26607ST 5m HDMI Cable • Premium certified cables with Ethernet, designed for use with the latest and future 4K/UltraHD products • Supports resolutions of up to 4K@60Hz (3840x2160p), bandwidths up to 18Gbps and HDR (High Dynamic Range) for higher contrast ratio and vivid colours PREMIUM CERTIFIED HDMI CABLE Code Description PHD01 1.5m Premium HDMI PHD03 3m Premium HDMI PHD05 5m Premium HDMI Transmits HDMI/DVI/IR over a single CAT 5e/6/7 Ethernet cable up to 70m for 1080p @ 50/60Hz • Allows HDMI Audio/Video and IR signals to be transmitted over a single CAT 5e/6/7 cable • Supports copy EDID from receiver display or loop out display • Allows for cascading via an additional HDMI loop out port • Supports ‘Power Over Ethernet’, transmitter and receiver powered by a single power adaptor connected to the transmitter • Transmission Range: Extends 1080p@60Hz resolution up to 70m over a single CAT 5e/6/7 cable • Works with HDMI and HDCP compliant devices • Compact design for an easy and flexible installation HDMI EXTENDER KIT CABLE MANAGEMENT / TELEPHONE ACCESSORIES Code Description 70435R Single Cable Entry Plate Black Brush 70435W Single Cable Entry Plate White Brush 70436R Double Cable Entry Plate Black Brush 70436W Double Cable Entry Plate White Brush CABLE ENTRY PLATES 26054HS 26000HS 18292HS 26602HS HDX70M 70435HS 70436W TELEPHONE EXTENSION LEADS Code Description 19850PB 3m Telephone Extension Lead 19851PB 5m Telephone Extension Lead 19852PB 10m Telephone Extension Lead • Extension leads for UK BT outlets. Broadband compatible telephone cable with BT plug and BT socket TELEPHONE TWIN ADAPTER 8 WAY IDC JUNCTION BOX 19860HS • Converts a single UK BT outlet into two outlets • Suitable for joining 2, 3 or 4 pair telephone, alarm and CAT5e cable • IDC terminals