Blackpool Electrical Traders Product Catalogue

173 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 22 Code Description LUX-5FTMULTI-PPB 5ft Multi Pack Batten LUX-MULTIPPB-EM Plug & Play Emergency Kit LUX-MULTIPPB-MWS Plug & Play Microwave Kit AC LED FLOODLIGHTS AC Floodlights using DOB technology with PIR & Photocell attachments available for floods 10W to 100W. • Angled bracket for ease of installation • IP65 & IK07 • 1m H05-RNF Flex • Available in either - 2700K / 4500K / 6000K • 3 Year Warranty Code Description Lumens Dimension LUX-10WFL-AC 10W AC LED Floodlight 800 103x83x22mm LUX-20WFL-AC 20W AC LED Floodlight 1600 159x121x25mm LUX-30WFL-AC 30W AC LED Floodlight 2400 159x121x25mm LUX-50WFL-AC 50W AC LED Floodlight 4000 205x159x29mm LUX-100WFL-AC 100W AC LED Floodlight 8000 269x210x33mm LUX-FLPIR Detachable PIR for AC Floods LUX-FLPC Detachable PhotoCell for AC Flood BACKLIT, RECESSED LED PANELS • Available in 600x600mm & 1200x600mm in either 4500K or 6000K • Flicker Free LED driver • Plug & Play dc Connectors • TP(b) rated diffuser • 100+ lumens per watt • 25-30mm depth • 3 or 5 Year Warranty Code: Description Lumens: LUX-BL36W664-45 36W 600 x 600mm 4500K LED Panel 3,800 LUX-BL36W664-65 36W 600 x 600mm 6500K LED Panel 3,800 LUX-BL60W126-45 60W 1200 x 600mm 4500K LED Panel 6,600 LUX-BL60W126-65 60W 1200 x 600mm 6500K LED Panel 6,600 LUX-EMGPCK-ST 3hr Self Test Emergency Pack MULTI BATTEN POP PACK This versatile 5ft pop pack LED batten offers 3 CCT & 4 wattage outputs at the flick of a switch, as well as being easily converted to emergency, microwave or combined with its plug and play conversion kits! • 3 CCT - 3000K / 4000K / 6000K • 4 Wattages - 35W / 43W / 51W / 60W • Hinged Gear tray for installation ease • Push fit connectors • Plug & Play emergency and microwave conversion kits • 3 Year Warranty BORDERLINE LED PANELS The origional Borderline 600 x 600mm LED panel, ideal for creating a statement feature in any entrance hall, reception, corridoor & much more. Code Description Lumens LUX-BLP40W664-45 600 x 600mm Borderline 40W 4500K 3,800 LUX-BLP40W664-65 600 x 600mm Borderline 40W 6500K 3,800