AMCO of Doncaster Electrical Product Catalogue

7 AIEW Member Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 22 KOREFLEX FLEXIBLE CONDUIT SOLUTIONS METALLIC & NON-METALLIC FLEXIBLE CONDUIT * Also available in White **Also available in 10m and 50m reels Size mm Polypropylene Black Nylon PVC Galvanised Steel PVC Coated Galv. Steel 16 KNP16/100M KNY16/50M KNSP16/30M KMS16/30M KMPS16/30M 20 KNP20/100M* KNY20/50M KNSP20/30M** KMS20/30M** KMPS20/30M** 25 KNP25/50M* KNY25/50M KNSP25/30M** KMS25/30M** KMPS25/30M** 32 KNP32/50M KNY32/25M KNSP32/30M KMS32/30M KMPS32/30M GLANDS Size mm Hinged Polypropylene Nylon Compression for PVC Galv. Steel Fixed Galv. Steel Swivel 16 KNYG16/M16 KNSPG16/M16 KMG16/M20/F KMG16/M20/S 20 KNGH20/M20 KNYG20/M20 KNSPG20/M20 KMG20/M20/F KMG20/M20/S 25 KNGH25/M25 KNYG25/M25 KNSPG25/M25 KMG25/M25/F KMG25/M25/S 32 KNYG32/M32 KNSPG32/M32 KMG32/M32/F KMG32/M32/S IP40 IP66 IP40 IP65 IP40 CONTRACTOR PACKS Size mm Polypropylene Nylon PA6 PVC Spiral PVC Coated Galv. Steel 20 KNP/20P*** KNY/20CP KNSP/20CP KMPS/20P 25 KNP/25P*** KNY/20CP KNSP/25CP ***Also available in White 10 metres of conduit | 10 glands | 10 locknuts IP66 IP66 IP65 IP54